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  1. angie

    Buying advice: Non-gaming laptop under 50k

    Hi all, My old Dell Studio 15 just died after 5 years. Initial assessment doesn't look good. Can you suggest me a good laptop for these requirements (I spent some time on google but was unable to find any good, will update here if I find any which meets these criteria) Screen size : 15.6 inch...
  2. nomad47

    CPU and GPU ideal temperature

    What should be the ideal and load temperature of hashwell i5 CPU? I mean the reviews and all are of cold climate, so in Indian climate with ambient of 40 what should be ideal temperature and load temperature? And similarly what about GPU temperatures? Specifically VRM temps of r9 290?
  3. V

    Buy new mobo for Phenom ii x4 970

    Hi I want to buy new mobo . My PSU is FSP Saga II 500w. My cabinet is NZXT Gamma. My previous mobo was : Gigabyte 78LMT S2P My graphics card : Sapphire HD 7790 My budget for mobo is 6k ideal.. 7k max if not possible in 6k Thanks please tell me which mobo should i go for ??
  4. Adhip007

    Ideal temparature of Phenom II X6 1100T

    Hi, What is the ideal Idle/Load Temperature of Phenom II X6 1100T ? For me Speedfan is showing 51C at idle (~ 15% CPU Load). I am using Hyper 212 (in Push & Pull mode). Is it too high? As I know it should be around 45C, correct me if I am wrong. Regards, Adhip
  5. S

    6670 or alternative for old cpu

    Read as 6670 in the title I have a phenom ii x2 555 processor on amd 785 am3 board (ddr2 only)..no overclocking I want to upgrade from integrated graphics....my psu is a cooler master real power 460w Considering my old cpu, which gfx card will be ideal, a 6670 ddr5 or something else Has the...
  6. gaurav3282

    CPU overheating

    Hey guys I am having a problem with my CPU temp earlier it used to be around 30-35 C ideal and 50 C Max but now it remains 46-48 C ideal and 60+ C on load.I have applied thermal compound properly and that also of good quality.But the problem still persists.Please give a solution to my problem...
  7. rohit32407

    Appropriate TV Size for a 12x10(feet) room

    Hi, My old(read ancient) philips TV has finally given up(I am truly glad that it has, it was getting on my nerves) after serving me well over 14 years. Now its finally time to go for a LED tv. Which one would be better for a room of above mentioned dimension? Viewing distance would be 8-10...
  8. V

    Suggestions for a new AC for bedroom

    I am planning to buy a split AC for bedroom.It is a regular sized bedroom.I need suggestions on the following: 1) Which tonnage value to choose? 2) Which brand? 3) Which energy star rating is more ideal?.I came to know that better energy star rating means less energy consumption but more...
  9. D

    Monitor to connect both PC and MAC

    I am planning to build a PC rig now. Later point I will be buying Mac Mini. I intend to use the same monitor for both. Pls suggest a monitor for same. Ideal budget would be 6-7 k. I can go upto 10 k.
  10. R

    Need help for new PC build

    Need help for gaming/performance PC:stirpot: Budget:50k Planning on... i5 2500k|ASUS P8Z68V-PRO|Corsair 4GB Vengeance RAM|Cooler Master Elite 430 Chassis| Cooler Master 700W PSU| Zotac GTX 560 Ti *Is this mobo good enough for usage of up to 15hrs a day? (for d/l~u/l). *Which CPU fan is...
  11. papa


    Hi folks, this may sound silly but I wanted to know . I have a coolemaster 1000W SMPS and I wish to run Two 8800gt cards in sli. What should be the ideal UPS capacity to hold on for say 20-30 minutes during power outages?
  12. A

    Speakers for music

    Hello Everyone, Need some help in buying a new speakers for music. Since long time i have been using Creative Inspire 2.1. They sound pretty ok but given their current price, i think they fall in lower range only ;) . So to enjoy the things little more i am looking for a decent set of speakers...
  13. Cool G5

    Ideal PC for Rs.25K~

    So I'm now thinking of upgrading my 5yrs+ old PC since its not serving me well enough. Looking around I can see AMD offerings being more value for money over Intel. Since I use Linux, I would like to go with any graphic solution than Ati. What would be an ideal setup for a computer within...
  14. yahooo.c0m

    Suggest a motherboard for E8400

    Hi, I am planning to buy Intel core 2 duo E8400 (3.0 GHz). How much will it cost in KOLKATA and what is the ideal motherboard to be paired with this processor? Good onboard graphics is preferred. My budget for this combo is 12.5K. Please reply. Thanks Soumya
  15. NucleusKore

    Microsoft kills OneCare, replaces it with freebie ‘Morro’

    Source: http://blogs.zdnet.com/security/?p=2190 Microsoft today announced plans to kill its Windows Live OneCare PC care and security suite and replace it with a free anti-malware utility. The new product, code-named “Morro,” will be designed for a smaller footprint that will use fewer...
  16. shady_inc

    Linux partitioning queries.Separate home partition

    Ok..So after using Ubuntu so long, I have decided to make it my primary OS.So, I want to merge some more space into the Ubuntu partition.Can Gparted do the job.?? Also I would like to have a separate home partition and came across this this tutorial for the same.What should be the ideal size...
  17. sachin_kothari

    Intel E6750 and Asus P5N-E-SLI price?

    I have been quoted 16,500 for this combo in pune. I think the price is not justified. What is the ideal price for this combo in or around pune(mumbai)?
  18. M

    Which is the Better Alternative To Microsoft’s Windows, Linux or Mac?

    If you’re disappointed with the latest attempt of an operating system by Microsoft and think your Linux distro or Apple OX is superior, then tell us why. The transitition from Windows XP to Windows Vista is seen as the ideal time to steal some customers and so Linux and Apple really have taken...
  19. Generic Superhero

    Suggest me amd cpu+m/b combo

    I want to buy an amd-based system. which model should i go for. i am confused. amd athlon 64 stands for what? 64-bit cpu? i dont think i need 64-bit. then there are different 'pin'-s - which one should i pick. and what motherboard will be ideal.
  20. S

    how much kbps to expect

    we have some 20 computer in network now new net provider which is wire less internet connecttion says thier connection is 128kbps..... so what i ideal kbps i can expect if 1)only one of the computer in network is using net.... 2)if all 20 comp are using net....ie per computer what may be...
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