1. cute.bandar

    Resized windows 8 partition and now everythings messed up

    So I resized my windows 8 partition from a usb gparted (ubuntu) . Restarted and everything has gone crazy inside windows 8. Problems: 1. start screen icons are gone (including the user login one) 2. task bar icons are gone as well 3. can't change certain things , like unlock the taskbar...
  2. sujeet2555

    [Open] some context menu items are disabled/missing

    i have window 7 64bit .i tried some softwares for explorer transparency and "Windows 7 Folder Background Changer" .they were not successful ,so i removed them . now i am facing 3 problems:- 1.there was "large icon ,medium icon ,classic icon " menu item missing on desktop right click menu...
  3. Chetan1991

    What's the best projector for ~20k

    Hey everyone. I'm looking for a projector that can illuminate a small area (10 audience or so. It won't be dark either.) and display clear and crisp picture as it will be displaying Flash Professional whose GUI has lots of tiny icons and other elements. So, what models are available within Rs...
  4. S

    hiding apps on android

    I have a nexus 4 ....android 4.3 Is there a way to hide app icons without rooting or using launchers???
  5. A

    remove dotted foucs lines from desktop icons

    it alwys keeps me bothering:-x wen i select a desktop icons coz it shows dotted white line whch is like a bug to my eyes." i want to remove it but dont know how.. google it a lot but no help from there as well. if anyone know how to do dis...pls share ur trick! (BTW AM TAKING ABOUT FOCUS...
  6. mikael_schiffer

    Windows 7 TEMP User Account problem.

    I am currently logged in as my admin account named "DELL", running Windows 7 However the icons, wallpaper,layout etc has changed and it looks like that of a newly created account.I created a new "Test Account"User profile and logged in it and it looks the same as my current "DELL" User...
  7. M

    desktop icons missing win xp

    yester while trying to open a zip file in my email attachment,some harddisk error appeared (I could not remeber it now) and the screen went blank in my old laptop. on restarting,all desktop icons were gone. Even the task manager is disabled and could not do any system restore as the same was...
  8. K

    Change network icons in system tray

    I want to change the default icons displayed in system tray(near clock) in Windows XP professional. the problem is the icon for LAN connection 2 and broadband connection is same, I want to have two distinct icons for both network connections. I researched on Internet and found out that the...
  9. Island Dog

    Fences Pro Released

    Source: WinCustomize.com
  10. A

    Unknown icons

    I am facing a problem in windows 7. After installing win 7 and sec restart, the software like ashapmoo burning rom, utorrent etc lost their icons. I dont know how to fix it. any ideas about the problem or solution?
  11. hjpotter92

    Trouble of Icons

    Allthe icons in my PC have gone mad just like I have shown in the screenshot below. I have done everything which I think I was able to do, but to no use. I restarted my PC, did a full checkup using N-360, tried changing some of the icons from the properties, but to no effect. Please help.
  12. rhitwick

    Taskbar vanished!!!

    Guys, today when I powered on my PC, its not displaying taskbar. However time I restart my PC or my explorer, it doesn't show up. Getting only desktop icons, nothing else. Able to access all drives, task-manager, registry no issues with that... OS: WinXP SP3
  13. Skud

    Changing card reader's icons

    Changing card reader's icons and name i have a usb multi card reader with 4 slots 4 compact flash, sd/mmc etc., xd and ms/ms-pro etc. however whenever i plugged them in all the 4 drives show as removable drive in windows explorer with similar icons. is there any hack that can represent the...
  14. Plasma_Snake

    My Registry Mess

    I installed XP 64-bit today and since it was not giving me option to show or hide desktop icons in the Right-Click menu, I decided to get registry entries to do so. I got them from this link, http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp_tweaks.htm. The code is the actual contents of the registry file...
  15. Island Dog

    Stardock Releases Fences, Application to Solve Cluttered Desktops

    The free application from Stardock clears desktop clutter and provides consistency and organization for groups of files on the desktop. Fences allows users to literally “draw” labeled shaded areas on the desktop which become movable & resizable “containers” for desktop icons. These groups...

    Create Invisible Folders In Mobile

    I tried it in Nokia6233 and worked Create new folder and name it with .otb at end For Eg: newfolder.otb folder will be there but we cant see it doesnt have any icons :D:D:D
  17. R

    TweakUI and I lost my icons

    I have windows XP sp2 I installed Tweak UI and after reviewing all the options I clicked Apply. Now all my icons are being displayed in 8 colors or something. This is ugly and annoying. I tried repairing the icons through its "repair icons" option but to n effect. Please help.
  18. sushan

    My usual desktop icons not arraged,how?

    my desktop icons are not arranged prpoperly as used it to be my documents icon and my computer are at the end of the desktop as i have tries to arange but it couldnot pls solve best Sushan
  19. gxsaurav

    Windows XP - Tangofied

    You can also read this on my blog... Windows Vista is all the rage these days & with cheap Windows Vista capable hardware available these days, you can very well make your Vista certified PC within Rs 20k. However there are many users out there who are still running old or low end hardware...
  20. unni

    Apple Exploring 3D Desktop and Application Interfaces

    Source: http://www.macrumors.com/2008/12/11/apple-exploring-3d-desktop-and-application-interfaces/
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