CPU cooler requred for rs 1400.


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as the title indicates, i am in need for a cpu cooler for rs 1400 or less. My configuration is in my Sig.anyway I am posting here the config.
CPU - Intel core i7 3770
Mobo - intel DH77EB
RAM - corsair vengeance 2X 4gb
Case - Antec X1
maximum cooler height supported - 150mm

i was looking to buy hyper 101 evo, but not available in many websites or much costlier than what it has to be. hyper TX3 evo is at rs 1550 at flipkart and seems a good price considering other websites. so the options i have , are
Hyper 101 -- seems too costly and unavailable at the moment.
Hyper TX3 evo
Antec A40
these two are at same price category,and i think , antec has a small advantage over tx3 evo.
Your views and opinions are appreciated.
Maximum budget - rs 1600
Thanks in advance :)
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