1. seamon

    Post pictures of your Audio gear.

    Beyerdynamic DT 770Pro 32 ohm - Bassy V shaped headphones with a huge soundstage. I eq them to have a flat freq response. JVC HA FX850 - Bassier than DT 770 pro. V shaped. Huge soundstage for an IEM. In fact, almost as huge as the DT 770 Pro. Mids are pretty damn detailed for a V shaped...
  2. jkultimate

    750 vs 750ti...Does it makes a huge difference.?

    Cards considered: Asus 750 1GB ddr5 and Asus 750 Ti 2GB ddr5. Will extra 1GB and some more CUDA Cores and texture units makes a huge difference.? Games I wanna play, GTA 5 (when it comes to pc), FIFA Series, GRID, DIRT etc..! (No fps games.) 750 costs 9500 and 750 Ti costs 10900. Budget is...
  3. Desmond

    The next Unreal Tournament to be released free.

    How awesome it that? Source :
  4. RBX


    I have bit of a sensitive skin and get tanned rather easily, and often sunburnt. I tried a few sunscreens but mostly they'd be too oily and accumulate huge amounts of dust. I'm looking for something tried and tested I could use at beaches to avoid sunburn.
  5. flyingcow

    Please help- BSNL giving weird messages, bug?

    Please help guys, today i opened my browser and opened youtube and i got redirected to a BSNL page saying that my bandwidth of 1GB was over and i will be charged from now on, where as my plan is unlimited. :shock: (4mbps till 8GB and 512 then on). Is this a bug? Or BSNL switched my plans due...
  6. RBX

    Huge file from Ubisoft in Windows\Installer

    There is this huge file from Ubisoft in C:\Windows\Installer that I'd be happy to delete. Currently I don't have any games from Ubisoft installed in my computer, this should be safe to delete, right ? File name : 15c8de.msi
  7. I

    Pdf file size

    Some pdf have less pages but huge size. Tell me how to reduce pdf size.
  8. R

    DDR5 graphic card for rs 5500

    HEllo pls suggest me a ddr5 graphics card for max rs 5500/-. Is there a huge performance difference between ddr3 and ddr5 graphics card??
  9. pratik385

    Need suggestion for LP Player under 5K

    Hi guys, You remember LP player right :D The huge black disc and the one which plays it :P Yeah my bro's bday is in near future and he has around 50 LPs he is huge fan of R.D.Burman. So i want to gift him an LP player :) Any suggestion on this?
  10. ay_aceoo7

    cpu making huge noise

    i think my cpu fan is making huge noise . some plz help...
  11. vikasg03

    not able to connect two laptop

    I am trying to connect two dell laptop using lan wire. But is it not connecting. I am not sure whether cable is cross cable or not. I am using that cable to connect my laptop to broad band modem. Other than that wireless is available in both network. Is there any other way so that I can connect...
  12. P

    Transfer huge amount of data

    I want to trasnsfer huge amount of data(more than 250 gb) from my cousins 2 PC's(laptop n desktop) into my laptop.Can anyone suggest me the easiest way for the same.?
  13. The Conqueror


    Well, I visited and attended a trial session which was quite good. I wanted to know if other TDF members are also enrolled/registered with it because it does not have a huge presence on the web. Should I join its course? Daily Practice Papers seems to be a good one.
  14. pushkaraj

    MicroSDHC for Optimus One

    Hi guys, I recently bought the Optimus One and now wish to go for 16 GB microsd card. I wish to know if class 10 cards are available and if yes, how much would they cost. If the price difference is huge, then i will have to settle for a class 6. Also, which of these brands should i opt for...
  15. mohityadavx

    Battle Vs Chess

    Does anyone here have any idea about the launch date of Battle Vs Chess by topware interactive . Whether the game would ever be launched or not as i have heard that amazon is canceling the preorder huge disappointment 4 me. ---------- Post added at 07:53 PM ---------- Previous post was at...
  16. IronCruz

    Flash Menus 2.1

    Hey guys i want to download flash menus 2.1 240*320 themes for my SE J105i NAITE. Please share the website which contains huge amount of such files. Thank You
  17. toad_frog09

    Whats better???

    Onboard ati 4200 (integrated with asus evo board) or xfx nvidia 8400 gt? I kno, i kno both kinda suck. I mean suck a huge lot, but hey, 5770's comming in a month or two!
  18. sam9s

    Split/Second Velocity .... Kick Ass of a Game

    Guys.... Just now completed split second and I am ready,eager and dying to share my experience with gamers out there, as this turned out to be a kick ass of a game.......To start it belongs to Burnout Genre, but I enjoyed this far more than Burnout. (This is on PC I am talking about)...
  19. S

    How to recover data after o/s reinstall?

    Hi guys, is there a way to recover data post windows reinstall? I unfortunately lost a huge chunk of data in this process......can I do something to recover them?
  20. Pragadheesh

    fake ipl player

    hi, hope some of you would have noticed this blog,"Fake IPL player" which has reached huge commotion in KKR dressing room. The unknown poster, who goes by the name of 'Fake IPL Player', claims to be part of the KKR squad and has been a huge irritant to owner Shah Rukh Khan, Bollywood star and...
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