Need suggestion for LP Player under 5K


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Hi guys,
You remember LP player right :D
The huge black disc and the one which plays it :p

Yeah my bro's bday is in near future and he has around 50 LPs he is huge fan of R.D.Burman. So i want to gift him an LP player :)

Any suggestion on this?


I think it's called Turn Table. I found one in a nearby Music Store. Should cost you around 10k I think. What's your budget like?


if i am not wrong turntables are different then what OP is asking.
i have seen Lenco L-81 USB LP Player on Television for around 23k.

there are cheaper one's too from Sony, Numark & Crosley.
i would not trust any other companie's.

personal choice would be Numark.
have used other instruments of Numark and top notched quality.
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Turn table or LP player, the one which plays LPs :D
Budget is under 5k but let me know the options available :)


go to and type Numark LP Players, Sony LP Players, Crosley LP Players.
and check your self what options are available for you.
choose a model and go to and check if available to buy now.
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