1. C

    PC Speakers .....Budget 10~15k

    hi ... i want to buy speakers budget is 10~15k rs i liked this Harman Kardon SoundSticks Wireless Bluetooth Enabled 2.1 Speaker System Price: Buy Harman Kardon SoundSticks Wireless Bluetooth Enabled 2.1 Speaker System Online in India -Amazon.i how's this? suggest others...
  2. esumitkumar

    General Query ordering Mi4 from ..need advice..hows this site ?

    Hi Guys I am thinking of buying Mi4 from this site since india model doesnt have LTE..Hows the site ..anybody ordered from it..need advice TIA Sumit
  3. adityak469

    Reliance Thunder Broadband

    Anyone used Reliance Thunder? It looks promising and I just found out that its available in my area. If yes then how's the ping and how's the customer support? Wireline Internet, Postpaid Plans – Reliance Communications
  4. summers

    Seasonic S12 II - 620 Watt PSU

    Hello Friends, I want to know hows the Seasonic S12 II - 620 Watt PSU performance wise and how much warranty its having. One of my friend suggested me to go for it eyes closed. How's the A.S.S of Seasonic in India...? Moreover, will it be able to support a Sapphire R9 270X. I will be...
  5. Nexus

    Blackberry Q5???

    Guys I am looking for a phone which will be good for Office Use like Emails, Texting and Whatsapp and better battery life. Screen size, cams, apps ecosystem are not the features I am looking for. For other usages like FB and all I have Galaxy S4. Hows BB Q5? And do it supports FM Radio bcoz S4...
  6. shreymittal

    SoundMagic gone kaput AGAIN..!!! :O

    SoundMagic E10 gone kaput AGAIN..!!! :O Guys..this happened again my SoundMagic E10 right side ones volume is low as compared to left one.I haven't use them roughly. Going to RMA them again. Can anyone here tell me hows the build quality of SoundMagic MP21 or E30..Help me
  7. sygeek

    Discussion: Is (online) reliable? How's their service and shipping?

    I'm planning to buy FX 6300, Asus M5A97 Evo and HD 7870 from them, since it's not available with flipkart. I would've gone with flipkart because of their reliability and the 5% discount offer. How has been your experience? How much time will the shipping take? Also, I'm planning to buy the...
  8. B

    Budgeted Tablet

    Hi there, I am from India . I want to purchase tablet pc with less cost but with good configuration can someone suggest me products ? how's NXG's product because I heard from lots of people about the company. Bindya
  9. esumitkumar

    Hows this mobile ? Spice FLO Me M-6868n

    Any review ? Hows this mobile camera quality wise ? Spice FLO Me Price in India | M-6868n Specifications, Features and Reviews
  10. G

    6850 or 6870 ?

    Hi I am confused weather to go for HD 6850 or 6870.. I have seen Passmark benchmarks.Both card have relatively same scores. And one more Question hows is ASUS 6870 DirectCU Thanks
  11. J


    Hi, Whats its advantage over traditional windows based systems? Hows its software? Can we use MS offfice 2010 on it? Is it advisable to purchase? Hows service backup?
  12. T

    HP 630 Laptop.. Hows it for Desktop replacement?

    Buying a couple of HP 630's for office.. Replacing desktops to save space, power and reduce the number of wires.. On a budget - around 30k - 32k per laptop max.. Hows the HP 630? Its available on ebay for 29.8k.. i5 processor, 2gb ram (will probably add another stick of 2gb) HP Laptop...
  13. B

    GPU for AMD X6 1090T

    Hi, which GPU is good, i need two GPU (CrossFire) AMD Phenom X6 1090T ASUS CROSSHAIR IV Formula Memory DDR3 2GB*4 = 8GB HDD 500 GB DVD Writer Dual Layer hows ATI Radeon HD 5870. let me know ur suggestions. Thanks
  14. esumitkumar

    Hows Karbonn KC750 ?

    Hi I want a dual sim set (GSM+CDMA)under 5-6 k...I need gud battery life, big screen and gud music ...Hows this set Karbonn KC750 ? * I read about maxx mobiles in mouthshut and found they are not gud .. Thanks Sumit
  15. pr.itdude

    Hows my blog ??

    Hey guyz.... just 4 fun and to express myself...i have created a blog, actually two...:lol: Below is the link...... * have a look and tell me hows it ?? How can i improve this....flow in ur suggestions....!!!:-)
  16. Krazy Bluez

    My new Windows 7 Concept Logon Screen for XP

    Link: * How's it guys ?
  17. G

    Moto Rokr E6 Touch Screen

    Hello, to all of you, I want to know that How's MOTO ROKR E6's touch screen? How's its performance? How's its performance and reliability after using this phone for atleast one year.Please let me know exact information, actually, I want to buy this phone, but someone is saying that its touch...
  18. rollcage

    Hows this T3 India Mag?? I need ur reviews plz!

    Hey people, anyone of you reading T3 or a subscriber of this mag - T3 India!! I am thinking about subscribing it.. any comments, give ur review hows is it! I am sure some of you must have read a few editions of it atleast if not all. Secondly, they are giving away, X-Mini Speaker with...
  19. saqib_khan

    Anybody used k7 antivirus?

    Hi, Just want to know how it is? Anybody from here used it? Any experience? It's available for just Rs 150/- for 1 user and 1 year at my place. But I've never heared its name. But seen advertise in magazines. Hows it's detection rate?
  20. esumitkumar

    Hows Samsung MAX CDMA ?

    Hi I have been zeroing on Samsung Max CDMA ..Is it a good phone ? I want to use it with TATA ...Hows the music player and battery backup of phone ? Any digitian who has used Max can advice me plzzzzzzzzz ! :) Hows Spice C810 as compared with it ?
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