1. SaiyanGoku

    Application or plugin for typing in hindi

    Hi, My mother is a Hindi teacher and she needs to type the question papers for exams. Please suggest a freeware (if possible) or MS office 2010/2013 plugin which can help her learn Hindi typing. OS: Windows 10 Home x64 Thanks in advance
  2. Jim Kirk

    Hindi Website on Blogger ?

    I am currently working on a blog which I have created on Blogger. The articles which I paste from my word file on blogger are in hindi language, so when I paste them I appears correctly to me. But when i check my website on some other PC. Instead of hindi, some unknown characters appears on my...
  3. ajayritik

    Need a decent IEM for 1k-3k

    My current IEM's got expired so looking for a decent pair. I would be mostly listening to Hindi Movie songs not much into English stuff more of the peppy and sometimes slow music but will be mostly hindi Songs. Last one I bought was quite crappy costed me around Rs600. My wife has BrainWavzM1...
  4. mati17

    Sothink Video Converter Help Needed

    Dear Forum, I have a hollywood movie with dual audio (Hindi & English) in mkv format. I played it on my pc with vlc media player. It can be played in both english or hindi. Now i want to convert it in 3gp format to view in my mobile. I convert it with "Sothink video converter". it converts it...
  5. jackal_79

    Old Hindi songs!

    Hi, i don't know were else to post this. I am searching for old Hindi, English, Malayalam, Tamil mp3 songs(preferably in 320 kbps). Flyte was my major source. but now it is shutdown. Any help in this search would be deeply appreciated.
  6. T

    Earthing from cabinet

    I don't know how to write this in english as I've always spoken/heard of it in hindi. "Mera cabinet current maarta hai. " What should I do?
  7. sanny16

    list of best hindi and english movies

    Hindi movies like vastav, shool, satya English movies like shawsank redemption, godfather, scarface, beautiful mind, munich Sugest me some good names
  8. Empirial

    Introducing Apple iOS 7 - Banned Hindi Promo (Must Watch)

    Enjoy :D : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hjIM2-ShHM
  9. Allu Azad

    Guess The Song

    Hi guys , Can you guess which song is this ? I have given the english translation of a hindi song ( some parts of the lyrics ) . Try whether you can identify which song is this . If you are to be sad, I too would be sad with you Though I may not be visible, I will be close to you Wherever...
  10. Gaurav265

    Software to type in hindi

    friends,i want to know that how can i type in hindi easily.i have hindi fonts but it is very difficult for me to type in hindi.i want to know that is any software is available by which i can type in hindi easily....
  11. demoninside9

    Reliance v9c tab: not showing hindi font

    Hi All, actually I am having reliance v9c tab. But when I use internet it doesn't show hindi website's font instead it shows squares. I installed opera, dolphin, and try many times but still get fail. Anybody knows the solution for that, so that I can easily access the hindi and others...
  12. rider

    Best Rock Songs in Hindi

    Suggest me some hindi rock songs that you like the most. :bump:
  13. J

    Home theatre system

    Hi friends, Kindly suggest me home theatre system for living room of 15x10sq. feet. Source is Panasonic plasma and audio CD (old Hindi songs). Budget is around Rs 60K. I am really not aware of technical details, kindly help.
  14. Rockstar11

    Which is the Hindi font used in Google Translate?

    Where can i hindi font download it? i want to save translate "Hindi" words in notepad.
  15. Rockstar11

    Disney Release DuckTales and TeleSpin HINDI Dubbed TV series Dvds.

    Disney release Ducktales and Telespin HINDI Dubbed Dvds. :D Disney India used to get some brilliant dubbing for their shows back in the early 90s, with voice talents like Chetan Shasital, Javed Jaffery, Rakshanda Khan etc. Disney Characters sounded as if they were created in Hindi. Growing up...
  16. S

    having problem with hindi fonts in photoshop

    guys im having problem with hindi fonts in photoshop normally i convert to hindi word with help of google translitertion like i type yatri in google to get यात्री and paste it in photoshop but from few days im having problem when i paste same word on photoshop i get undesire result.
  17. N

    Hindi games

    Since last 2 days i am playing my first RPG SKYRIM and i am loving it. However, i tend to forget characters names,locations, spell-cast name etc. May be because game is new to me :) Now imagine same game(or any other game like COD, BF3 etc) with Hindi names & locations, all dialogues in...
  18. S

    Go for VCD Release: Ducktales and Talespin (Hindi)

    The release of both the toons in VCD format isnt in tune with the times.. But still made many people happy. Total set price will def be of the tune of what could have easily fetched a better format release. Moreover splitting the discs just might give the people option to upgrade later on to...
  19. T

    Celebrating HINDI DAY today!!

    Happy HINDI DAY to all of you forum members! Today INDIA is celebrating HINDI DAY to mark this day as the Official Language was adopted on 14th September 1949. For more details members can visit : here
  20. Vyom

    Android May Have a Hindi Version Soon!

    Android May Have a Hindi Version Soon!
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