1. anon232

    Hibernation + Windows Explorer Problems

    Hibernation + Windows Explorer + Boot Screen Updater Problems System Configuration:- Sony VAIO F15219 + Dual Boot OS (Windows 7 SP1 64-bit+ Linux Mint 15) Problems:- 1. Although I have all the latest drivers installed in windows 7 alongwith all the required Sony's utility software,I simply...
  2. I

    What exactly is Hibernation?

    Hello Everybody, I have recently changed all my PCs (3 PCs) from Pentium-IV to i-3 (2 PCs) and i-5 (1 PC). These PCs are running Windows XP SP2 and one PC with dual boot option, running Windows 7 also. The question arises in my mind because after replacing hardware, I found following changes...
  3. ajai5777

    Games stuck after enabling hibernation in windows 7

    Some of my games like Assassins creed stuck at halfway after I enabled hibernation in windows 7.Pls give me any solution for this.
  4. G

    Auto Power on your PC

    Hello frnds, I am just curious to know how computer gets power on from hibernation mode. I mean, some softwares just power on the computer from hibernation, if we set them to do this. How does this works??? Also, is there any software that turns on computer if its shut down. If yes, how...
  5. The Incredible

    Excessive hibernation damages Hard Disk ?

    Whether excessive hibernation in Windows XP damages the Hard Disk's plotter ?? My technician says so. How to stay secure ?
  6. Ecko

    Hibernation Problem Dual Boot Win XP/Vista

    Guyz I'm facing this strange problem Since I rarely use Vista I've never tried hibernating it but in XP even after Hibernation when I restart my PC it starts as a normal boot Is it some case of Boot Loader that is newer than XP :confused: Currently I'm able to hibernate but not able to recover...
  7. R


    i'm using dell xps 1530 laptop... i have done disk clean up on my desktop in that i have ticked the option for cleaning the hibernation data ..., after that ., the hibernate option got deleted and is not visible in power management menu also... plz tel me how to retrive the option
  8. E

    Hibernation - a n/w issue

    Hello, We have a lot of PC's in the n/w for different users. The anti-virus etc are programmed to be updated during night. Now there is a thought that if we go for hibernation , we can save a significant amount of power. There is a view that if a machine is infested and switched on later...
  9. abhimanyu1401

    How Do I re-enable Hibernation?

    I accidentaly disabled hibernation by deleting the file hiberfil.sys through Disk Cleanup. Is there any way to re-enable it? Pls Help Anyone Thanks in Advance.
  10. hansraj

    help... Pc shuts down/ hibernates on startup

    guys.. I am using task scheduler for automating the downloads at night. To switch on/off the pc i use auto power on and shutdown. To hibernate at 0805 in morning, i again use "autopower on and shutdown" application. Also i have enabled hibernation at 0815 directly through task scheduler...
  11. dreams

    Vista hibernation screen+removed????

    Hi all.. I have installed Vista Ultimate in my lappy which has XP too. It's a dual boot. In XP if I hibernate, I get a screen telling Windows XP is hibernating. But in Vista, if I hibernate, the screen goes blank and after few seconds the lappy hibernates. Doesn't Vista Ultimate has...
  12. R

    DVD Drive goes missing after resume from hibernation..

    I normally hibernate my PC but recently, after I restart from hibernation, my CD drive is not listed in Windows Explorer. My solution is to do a reboot to get the drive back. Is there a fix for this? I am using Windows XP Pro SP2, Asus DVD Writer.. :confused: Thanx.
  13. K

    hibernation prob in vista

    i accidently deleted hibernation.sys file required for hibernate option from disk cleanup and now my hibernation option (windows vista premieum in a notebook) is gone. how could i bring back this setting.i tried in power option through control panel and also the windows help but got no real...
  14. B

    Wifi Not working

    i got myself a dell xps m1530 [c2d t7250 with 3 gb ram ,vista OS]laptop recently it has got a intel pro wireless 3945abg card i have noticed that when ever i resume my system from hibernation wifi led is not glowing and not working either i need to reboot or disable and enable the wifi to make...
  15. R

    Hibernation Problem!!

    I have been using the hibernation option for a long time without any problems, now from some days when i resume the system from hibernation, i get the following error : - The system restoration image is corrupt. Delete restoration data and proceed to system boot menu. or somewhat similar.. That...
  16. utsav

    cannot hibernate

    some days back i installed xp freshly and enabled hibernation. then after two or three days i was unable to hibernate. i checked the settings and found the hiberfile.sys present in C drive but hibernation was disabled automatically .when i clicked on the checkox to enable hibernation ,it gave...
  17. G

    cant see hibernation or standby option

    hi all, i hav a prob in my O.S, i thought i cud get a help frm u all. I'm not able 2 get HIBERNATION/ STANDBY option in my log out screen. i mean the standby option is faded. i went 2 control panel/ power options , but there 2 hibernation option is not displayed. i hav re-installed xp...
  18. Manshahia

    Hibernating Not working??

    Frnds when i hibernate my PC and restart it... after recovering from hibernation, it just restarts ... wat is wrong??
  19. morpheusv6

    Disable hibernation

    I am having XP Pro. I need to disable hibernation as I am not using it. But everytime I disable it, it enables itself back on during the next reboot. How do I rectify this?
  20. tango_cash

    my laptop hibernates when i switch it on

    hi i have a dell latitude d510 laptop. today when i started it then after the booting the laptop it went into hibernation. it just wont stop,every time i start it it loads the windows xp it comes to the desktop and before i can do anything it goes into hibernation. pls help.
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