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I am more into Internet & Multimedia. My old mouse (iBall Black Cat) is not working, I don't know for sure, but I suspect moisture to be the culprit. I tried to dehumidify it with the dryer & it helped but, still I want a new mouse (Wire or Wireless), it should have horizontal scroll as well. which one would you guys suggest?


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One more recommendation for the MS Optical Comfort Mouse 1000.

I had a WheelMouse Optical which I had bought in early 2004, with a 3 year warranty. It's right button stopped working last year and there was one more month of warranty. They replaced it with an Optical Comfort Mouse 1000 which is actually more costlier than the mouse that I had. Cool isn't it?

The cost was ~Rs.950 last August (I had bought one as a birthday gift for one of my friends then).


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I too had the iBall mouse/track ball..the one with 5 buttons.

Try to get the same in wireless(if avail).

I loved the side buttons, which were used as back and fwd in browsers and explorer. Cool move and easy.
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