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  1. hskpunjabi

    needed new battery for x6,nokia priority or online shoping,suggesion ??

    my brother's x6 is behaving strange,battery is nt lasting even for 8-9 hrs...sometimes less when fully charged.sometimes battery bars are reduced to one after some time to 3-4...then again to 1.I think battery is dying. do apps like whats app can harm battery..?? Nokia care center is giving...
  2. A

    lappy for 50k

    hi friends , i need a good laptop,around 50k. please suggest something powerful and wch has vfm. usage will be applications such ms office,web browsing , and watching movies. or just suggest the best lappy in around 50k, theres no harm if at can do much more. thanking you in advance...
  3. napster007

    Need help with my website [Chrome problem]

    Hey guys, i Have a serious problem and i'm hoping the brainy of you lot can help me solve this issue. and i'll be really grateful for your help. You see i'm responsible for the maintenance of the site, www.cjmdelhi.com its a site for a school in delhi. Now recently it been brought to my...
  4. H

    How to Unkock a car without keys

    This video is to help old ladies who have unknowingly left thier keys inside their car(only):p........But its no harm to know. View it here Reply if you like it....
  5. g_goyal2000

    Do I need Compatibility pack for Office 2007

    Hi guys. I know that for opening Office 2007 files in prior Office versions like 2000-2003, one would need the Office 2007 Compatibility Pack. But if I install the pack instead on Office 2007, would it be of any use or would it harm my system instead?
  6. cyborg47


    hi, i wanna know what are keyloggers??? the only thing i know about it is they record keystrokes. What else it does? does it harm my PC?
  7. Chetan1991

    Pls help me with web stuff

    Hi to all! Being new to internet I have encountered some stuff which I couldn't understand.So please help me: What is"cookies"? What are "pop ups" and what is the need to block them? What harm Spy-wares pose and is there really a need to install an Anti-Spyware s/w?
  8. gmanog

    AdobeR.exe Problem

    Hi I have got a file called AdobeR.exe. It has got nothing to do with Adobe. Its a virus it seems. I have searched in the net, not able to find any solution for it. This file gets into the Pen Drive automatically when its inserted. I did not find any harm due to this file. But i think its a...
  9. Matrix


    Hello Friends, Please Help me, how can i secure myself with yahoo booters. I'm having too many problems with this nd i think i could harm my OS also . So i wanna prevent my self from Botters . Plese help .............
  10. N


    will placing the woofer too close to my cpu cabinet do any harm to it? i mean the magentic field must be quite powerful but does it really harm anything like hdd etc?
  11. kjuvale

    can this harm my router

    I am using Bsnl broadband. and with the Hauwei MT882 router. I usually use this for 5hrs in day and nearly 7hrs in night. Could it harm it by Usiing it for such a long time. It generally gets much hot. Please suggest how much time should i use it to make it long lasting without any problem.
  12. jamyang312

    how to format my c amd e drive

    can u please tell me how to format my c amd e drive to delete win 98 while not doing any harm to my dear xp. thanks
  13. sujeet2555

    registry defragmentation

    i want to know that is if i use a program to defragment my registry ,is that do any harm to my system ?i do not want to touch the registry
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