Best software for capturing video from Handycam

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Dude, if you need free software use windows movie maker which is bundled with xp sp2 pro. the best ever software is ulead video studio....


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pinnacle video studio is good and yes ulead is also good(depends on availability in your region)


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Try WinDV. It's free and legit.
But as far as I know, it only works with MiniDV, and would not detect the Digital8 camera we connected to it. Also try to use your firewire port for capture, don't use USB. I don't know if the software supports it or not, but USB is responsible for a lot of dropped frames, and you have firewire as it is.

I didn't know you had a camcorder. That makes it one more traceur.
Get it to the pkday, you've heard about it, haven't you? If not, check our message boards.
BTW, is that an NV-GS-35 or an NV--GS-350? Tune bahar se liya naa? Kyunki India mein NV model nahin milta, PV model milta hai, because of the PAL standard.
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