Can't transfer video of handycam

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I can't transfer the recorded video from my Sony DCR DVD608E to PC running Win-XP (SP2). Whenever I connect the handycam through USB cable, icon of a drive shows under My Computer. But when it's double clicked the following message shows:

E:\is not accessible
Incorrect function

The handycam LCD screen keeps on displaying the following message:

Do not unplug the USB cable
Do not turn off the power

I have even failed to open the recorded DVD through the Combo drive.

Please help.

possible causes:
1) handycam is fauty.
2) handy cam is not properly connected.
3) some virus.

try in any other system..and than post the result.
or try using a handicam disc recovary software, if there is a problem with the cam.

use vlc to access the disc.

but first check for viruses.
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