1. Zangetsu

    Amazon account was hacked!!

    Interesting Read... In her post, Pillai has also raised some very pertinent questions regarding the rules and regulations governing online shopping not only in India, but world over. These include: * The lack of speedy crisis response and language support for customers in emergency situations...
  2. ariftwister

    Website of AIADMK and Jaya TV hacked

    Source: *www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/website-of-aiadmk-and-jaya-tv-hacked/article1-1146541.aspx The official website of AIADMK,the ruling party in Tamil Nadu, was hacked on Saturday. A visit to the website *www.aiadmkallindia.org displayed sentences like 'HACKED BY H4$N4!N...
  3. root.king

    Apple's development center Hacked

    APPLE'S developer centre has been hacked, the tech giant has confirmed. The company's developer network - the place where apps are created - has been down for more than three days, without explanation. However, this morning Apple sent an email to developers explaining that it had...
  4. Nerevarine

    Igyaan hacked

    Check this out .. the official site is hacked by an indonesian hacker
  5. amjath

    Finallllllllly Facebook Hacked

    Finallllllllly Facebook Hacked but dont worry no user data is stolen Facebook hacked, but has found 'no evidence' that user data was compromised | The Verge
  6. R

    294 government websites hacked between Jan-Oct 2012: CERT-In

    294 government websites hacked between Jan-Oct 2012: CERT-In well, now we know what using original software does to you... :P
  7. pratyush997

    Asus ROG Hacked !!!!

    Asus has been hacked my the Hackers :| I was trolling on Asus's Router website.. and clicked Rog link and dafaq LINK
  8. bubusam13

    Dibrugarh University official website has been hacked

    Dibrugarh University official website has been hacked.... * www.dibru.ac.in /
  9. T

    Another Site Hacked !!

    Today Rule W4s H3re was hacked. Its a site didicated to Hacintosh. For MOD: If it is against the rule here, please delete this thread.
  10. CommanderShawnzer

    MS Hotmail/LIVE/xbox.com down?

    i'm unable to acces niether hotmail/live nor xbox.com it keeps redirecting me to the microsoft US site.is hotmail hacked?? people try checking hotmail/live.in do you also get this prob?
  11. aroraanant

    Famous Windows 8 Support Forum Hacked !!!

    Famous Windows 8 Support Forum: *windows8center.com/forums/ was hacked.... Update: fbappshop_dot_com also hacked!!!!!
  12. @

    whost.in has been hacked

    I was looking for a web host & from Bazaar section I found out about whost.in. And I was shocked to see it was hacked : I hope TDF members' hosting accounts are safe.
  13. M

    Microsoft Store India Hacked

    Received this news: Microsoft Store India Hacked I checked my hotmail account now and I was asked by Microsoft to change the password for the same (since I have made purchases at Microsoft Store earlier). Please confirm if others have received similar notification.
  14. W

    PSP Buying

    Hi, Its my first time in this forum. Do let me know if i posted anything wrong I already own a PS2 & also do gaming on my desktop. Was planning to get a PSP (E-1004 recently launched). Would like to know the gaming experience and if its worth buying. Also while i was browsing dealer...
  15. indi.anupam

    web hosting site AFMU hacked!?

    I have a couple of websites hosted on AFMU and it looks like someone hacked AFMU entirely!! When checking afmu.com I'm getting this ^H4ck3d^By^Mr.P3rfekT also all of my websites are giving me 403 Forbidden error!! Can anybody confirm this, I can't even access my FTP, now I would be...
  16. socrates

    Nokia Maps hacked to work with all WP7 devices

    Nokia Maps hacked to work with all WP7 devices
  17. xtremevicky

    Citibank Gets Hacked, Admits Compromised Data A Month Later

    Citibank has admitted that the personal information of around 200,000 customers has been compromised in an attack that occurred last month. Source - Citibank Gets Hacked, Admits Compromised Data A Month Later [News] Take a note Citibank customers on TDF . Inform your friends , Family.
  18. masterkd

    Chip forum Hacked??!!

    What the *****..today morning when i'm trying to log in chip forum i'm getting this..
  19. Rohan_B

    To jailbreak or not to jailbreak the PS3....

    I just got a slim ps3 and I hacked it using PSFreedom on my iPod touch. But even aftersuccesfully installing BackUp Manager the problem I am facing is that the good games are well over 6-7 gigs and I have problem downloading them. There is a place far away form my home where they put games on...
  20. P

    help me to recover my rediffmail email hacked by some one, sending false informati

    Five days back some one in the name of Abdul Rahim from Malasya hacked my email iite_mbnr@rediffmail.com and are sending false information stating that I had been to Malasya and lost all money,documents and I am held up and asking $2000 to many addresses.one message came to my another mail...
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