1. Vigneshs87

    [For Sale] Asus GTX Titan Black 6GB DDR5 - 3 Yr Old GPU, Excellent condition

    Hello Fellow Gamers, 1. Model number and details: Asus GTX Titan Black 6GB DDR5 Model No. GTXTITANBLACK-6GD5 2. Date of purchase: Upgraded to the Black from the Asus GTX Titan in June 2014. I have to look for the Original Invoice since it's pretty old and pertains to 2012. There is no invoice...
  2. ssb1551

    New Home Inverter with Battery

    Hi All, I just moved to a new apartment after wedding. There is no power back up (which I was told is there), so I intend to buy an inverter with battery. Things that will be connected to the inverter are : 1 ceiling fan, 1 led bulb, my PC (in signature i5-6500, GTX 1060 AMP, 550W PSU). I am...
  3. ashis_lakra

    Rise of tomb raider TONS of freezes on GTX 1070

    Hi all, I've been trying for days to make the game run on GTX 1070 from low to very high settings on Windows 10 pro. It opens, then after playing 1 min or 2 min or sometimes just launching game , it crashes, when Lara dies , then the reloading is in infinite loop, then PC don't respond to...
  4. G

    Graphics card compatibility

    Does veriton m5610 motherboard support any of these cards - gtx 1050 ti or rx 460?
  5. gohan89

    Please rate my gaming build..

    Hi I am building a brand new gaming rig after 8 long years..I am coming from a Core 2 Duo E8400, Radeon HD4770 . Max Budget is 1 lac. Here's my build: Intel i5-6600k Gigabyte Z170-D3H Cooler Master Hyper 212X Gigabyte Xtreme Gaming GTX 1070 Seagate Firecuda SSHD 2TB Samsung 850 EVO 250 GB SSD...
  6. saikiasunny

    Best Graphics Cards in India – 2017 Q2 Guide

    In this guide, we will have a look at the Best Graphics Cards in India for 2016, covering both budget and premium segments. BIG BOLD NOTE- I am lazy. And the images I want to post are too large. So manually resizing them one by one will be too much for me. So almost no images. They will be...
  7. A

    Best way to buy a good mobo + GTX 1080

    Hi, I plan to build a PC for myself (first time), and I need some help in figuring out how to buy a 1080 + motherboard. The three motherboards (skylake 1151) I have narrowed it down to are: GIGABYTE G1 Gaming GA-Z170X-Gaming 3 Gigabyte H170M-D3H Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2 For the GPU, I...
  8. G

    Gtx 1070

    I was planning to upgrade my GTX 770 looks like the1070 is the way to go for performance/price. 1060 won't be that high performance jump. Price is a concern and card size is a concern. I can fit in a card thats max 10.5 inches in length. Also I'm not in a hurry so I can wait for a while if...
  9. omega44-xt

    GTX 1060 3GB vs RX 470 4GB

    As the title suggests which one is better? Most games run better in 3GB GTX 1060 compared to RX 470, still people here at forum suggests RX 470. Any particular reasons? Is it the low VRAM? Both are priced similar, that's why I'm asking
  10. Arnab

    NEED HELP- Which Card To buy- GTX 1080/1070- ASUS MSI EVGA ZOTACT

    Hello everybody , Its Been a While I was thinking of upgrading my GPU . My current GPU being R9290, since last 3 years. I am looking for a shift to Nvidia this time just for a change of taste. So I was searching different versions of 1080 and 1070 but there are few confusion which need to get...
  11. A

    Upgrading PSU

    Hello people, I am upgrading my graphic card, I will be buying GTX 970 or 1060 3gb, I currently have Antec VP 450 psu .. So which psu would be good for me. I dont want to spend too much. Below 5k would be good. Config: Amd fx 8320 Cooler Master Hyper 212X Gtx 970 or 10603gb 1Tb WD Blue...
  12. M

    GTX 1070 - Bangalore - Best service?

    Planning to get a GTX 1070. As long as the card is not too loud and does its job, I'm fine with anything. My main concern is durability/life AND after sales service. I have heard bad things about MSI. So the decision comes down to: ASUS Gigabyte Zotac Asus has a listed the service...
  13. rhyansy

    MSI Shatter Desktop Performance Cliché

    MSI is the world’s first to launch compressive notebook product lineups with NVIDIA GEFORCE® GTX 10 series graphics in the market! From Extreme GEFORCE® GTX 1080 SLI graphics of GT83VR to GEFORCE® GTX 1060 graphics of ultimate slim notebook GS63VR! [New Delhi India, August 16 th, 2016] MSI...
  14. C

    [VIDEO] 1080p Overkill Gaming Build ft. GTX 1070 & Skylake i7 ($1,150/Rs. 1,00,000)

    Hey guys! We started to make a Tech YouTube channel and decided to feature one our own builds in it. It truly is a gaming beast and overkill for 1080p gaming on all of today's latest titles. it features a GTX 1070 Founders edition which is a beast of a card and a Micro-Atx mobo to fit a small...
  15. C

    [video] zotac 1060 amp! Edition review

    Hey guys! We managed to get our hands on a Zotac 1060 Amp! Edition and do an unboxing and overview video of it. The card does perform better than the founders edition 1060 in terms of cooling and performance. We will soon be releasing the benchmark video of this card in a few days, till then...
  16. A

    Which GTX 1060 to buy?

    Alright so my HD6870 died on me a few days back and i have been thinking of upgrading. Between the rx480 and gtx 1060 i have decided to go for the 1060. The zotac mini is the cheapest one i could find for 21.5k Buy Online | Zotac GTX 1060 Mini Graphic Card ZT-P10600A-10L | Price in Indi...
  17. K

    GTX 1060 or GTX 1070

    Hi Guys, Following is my PC's configuration. PSU: Cooler Master RS-750-ACAA-A1 (Real Power Pro 750W) Output Capacity: 750 Watts Continuous Connectors: PCI-E 8 Pin x 2 PCI-E 6 Pin x 2 MB: ASROCK Z87 Extreme4 Slots: 3 x PCI Express 3.0 x16 slots (PCIE2/PCIE4/PCIE5: single at x16 (PCIE2); dual...
  18. bssunilreddy

    Which brand GTX 1060 to go with?

    Hai, Which brand GTX 1060 to go with? 1. Zotac GTX 1060 AMP Edition - No back Plate - 5 years warranty 2. Gainward GTX 1060 Phoenix Golden Sample(GS) - Back plate - 3 years warranty Help me decide. Thanks & Regards, BSSunil
  19. S

    4k Monitor for desktop

    Hi, Please suggest me 4k monitors. 1. Budget? 40k 2. Display type and size? IPS . Size should be less than 28 inch. 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? Monitor 4. Ports Required? Not sure. Port should support 4k at 60fps 5. Preferred choice of brand? No such preference. 6. Any...
  20. mikael_schiffer

    GTX 1060 = Rs23,000 ____ RX480= Rs27,700 WHAT SORCERY IS THIS?

    Firstly, only the stock cooler designed Blower Style RX480 is available Asus Radeon RX 480 8GB GDDR5 Graphic Card (RX480-8G) Secondly, we already have after market GTX 1060, in mini ITX and AMP overclocked edition Search : gtx 1060 They said AMD is dead in India for the past 2 years. This isnt...
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