[For Sale] Asus GTX Titan Black 6GB DDR5 - 3 Yr Old GPU, Excellent condition


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Hello Fellow Gamers,

1. Model number and details: Asus GTX Titan Black 6GB DDR5 Model No. GTXTITANBLACK-6GD5

2. Date of purchase: Upgraded to the Black from the Asus GTX Titan in June 2014. I have to look for the Original Invoice since it's pretty old and pertains to 2012. There is no invoice for the GTX Titan Black.

Also, this is my second Asus GTX Black since I had to RMA the first one. I received this card on 25 May 2015 and it has been running flawlessly since then. The card has not been used that extensively. Further the card has never been overclocked as well.

I have the original box with all the accessories.

3. Reason for sale: Need to upgrade my Graphics Card.

4. Warranty details: No official warranty left.

5. Expected Price: Rs. 14,999/-

6. Location of Seller: Mumbai

It is preferable if you are located in Mumbai since then I can directly deliver the card to you.

7. Pictures along with User ID

Asus GTX Titan Black 13-04-17.jpeg

Asus GTX Titan Black 2 13-04-17.jpeg


The card can run all games in Ultra in 1080p (except for titles released in 2017) and can also be used for Editing purposes since it has a double precision floating point normally found in Quadro cards.

Looking for serious buyers since it's a high-end product. For any clarifications or queries, you can message me via TapTalk.

Looking for a quick sale.

Thanks & Regards,
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umm..aren't you hoping for too much, considering its a 3 year old card?
Its performance in 2017 is kinda between 1060-1070GTX, of which new 1060 costs even much lower than your asking price.

20k should be the upper limit IMO.


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Maybe. But as you are aware it's also has double precision floating point which the GTX 1000's series don't have. So that's an additional bonus. Anyways thanks for ur input i'll revise the price by lowering it a bit.

Since this is my first time selling a graphic card, didn't have an idea.


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Have u tried in OLX ? you will get many buyers and it will be sold within a day :)
I sold my PC components in OLX only.

stick to static price and don't negotiate much.
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