1. detoknight

    Recommend a PC Monitor for text and videos

    An year ago, I bought a Dell 24 inch U2412M monitor that I got on the recommendation of this forum. I have loved it so far. Now, I want to get another similar/better one. Monitor Budget: around 15k-20k Size: 24" and above. Ready for 27" too Preferably with : Matt display Minimum bezels...
  2. ico

    A 14" Laptop with resolution greater than 1366x768. What are my options?

    hello, I need a 14" Laptop with resolution greater than 1366x768. What are my options? 13" would also do but good resolution is a must. Discrete graphic card not important at all.
  3. sidspark

    Suggest best smartphone between Inr 10k-12k

    hello I am purchasing my first smartphone so plese help me with it. budget : Inr 10k-12k screen size : 4.5 and greater OS : Android and windows prefered brand : any Ram : 1gb and greater internal memory : 4gb and greater camera : 8mp or greater purpose : Internet,moderste...
  4. sidspark

    10k-12k smartphone buying advice 2014

    hello I need to buy my first smartphone so plese help me with it. I will be buying the phone at the end of the month January 2014 prefered specs budget : 10k-12k OS : Android and Windows Ram : 1gb or greater Inbuilt storage : 4gb or greater camera : 8mp or greater edge,3g,wifi,wifi hotspot good...
  5. A

    How is life in greater noida for students?

    i am about to start my mba in greater noida. i would like to know about this place.
  6. Sarath

    Need suggestion for earphone ~$20-40 - Gift for a friend in US

    I am looking for a pair of earphone to be gifted to my friend, who resides in Boston. I will be using Amazon or any other website that is suggested for buying the earphones. He has previously used Sennheiser CX-180 and the stock apple earphones/earpods. I would have bought a Brainwavz M1...
  7. N

    Any body bought SAMSUNG UA32EH6030 ? Please share your experience

    I am planning to buy SAMSUNG UA32EH6030 becasue i dont need of SMART Tv functionalities.My friends are all suggesting me to go with SONY EX-650 for greater PQ which 10K more than this 6030. Please advice and clarify me
  8. Ethan_Hunt

    Alice: Madness Returns [Multi-Platform]

    Official Web Page: Alice: Madness Returns Official Website Developer: Spicy Horse Publisher: Electronic Arts Genre: Action Adventure/Platformer Release date: June 14, 2011 (North America), June 16, 2011 (Europe) Engine: Unreal Engine 3 Description: Features: Minimum PC System...
  9. din

    Please suggest a good folder synchronize utility

    Please suggest a good folder synchronize utility (OS - Win XP) Basically syncing files between a PC and a laptop through wireless networking. There are a huge number of files (like greater than 90,000 files mainly consists of html files, php files and images). So copying the files always is...
  10. B

    Need rdram 256mb or greater

    I need rdram of any capacity. I am in deradhun
  11. S

    Help regarding laptop???

    I want to buy a laptop and my budget is around Rs 30K. I searched The net and came across a very good option "Compaq Presario C772TU *" But can anyone suggest some other laptop... I...
  12. anurodhjindal

    which mobile ph--budget 18k!

    I am looking for good cell phones...mine budget is 18k(not greater than that).... plz suggest some good cell phone within this price range.
  13. anarchy0x

    RAM backward compatiability

    What will happen if i try to use my 256 DDR RAM of speed 266 with a DDR RAM of different RAM different speed ..say 256/512 MB DDR speed=677 or 256/512 MB DDR speed=533 or any other speed. I have head about RAM's backward compatiability , does it mean that if i try to run my RAM of speed 266...
  14. R

    need this laptop

    Hi guys, I need a laptop with the following configurations: Intel Core 2 Duo > 1.66 and greater 1 GB DDR2 120 GB HDD @ 5400 RPM or 7200 14.1 Widescreen with crystal clear display with atleast 1200*800 ( No Need Larger Display) DVD D/L Writer Vista Capable, Upgradable, Bluetooth...
  15. ionicsachin

    Reduction of size....

    Hi, I ve got a gif animation which i want to put as my "avatar". But the problem is that its size is greater than 300 KB and Digit Forum allows only 15 KB. Is there any method to reduce its size.
  16. S

    Mobile with camera videorecorder etc

    I want a mobile phone for less than Rs. 11000 with the following features 1)Camera (with video recording soft.) 2)IR or bluetooth or USB port 3)Triband 4)GPRS 5)internal memory>5MB (if possible or else greater about 2MB) Also I would like to have your views on Sony Ericsson T610W nokia...
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