1. K

    VISYN Gaming Glasses Review

    Hi, Some weeks back I had asked Digit members to help us with an Eye Fatigue while using screens (example: Gaming, phones, TV, etc) related research project Gamers, I am doing research on eye fatigue Tl;dr- It was basically to see how much fatigue people experienced if at all & remedies...
  2. Faun

    Eye Care and Glasses Thread V1: Life in HD

    Thought of starting this thread. Post your glasses and the cool stuff to keep your eyes shiny! I will post my glasses here. tkin add your views. I am not able to see the posts where you explained in depth about glasses.
  3. A

    Suggest a software to watch 2d movies as 3d movies on laptop

    Hi, Please suggest a software to watch 2d movies as 3d movies on laptop using 3d glasses. Also suggest some compatible 3d glasses also.
  4. P

    Can Y510p support 3D (interlaced) while using passive 3d glasses?

    I recently bought the y510p (i7 variant). It comes with GT 755M GPU which is able to play games at ultra settings. Anyways I downloaded the Crysis 3 and under it's graphic properties I saw 3D option. One option grabbed my attention that was of "Interlaced 3D" ...I choose it and applied, then saw...
  5. B


    hi guys i have a graphic card that supports 3d. It is Nvidia Geforce gt440 link here please help me as i want to buy glasses for viewing 3d in my non-3d monitor
  6. Chetan1991

    Need bluetooth headset within 2k

    Yo homies. I'm buying an Asus Fonepad 7 and need a bluetooth headset to go with it. Please remember I also wear glasses. So what's the best model I can get within 2k; 3k max., but only if it's worth it. It must be professional looking, and fit my not so big ears. I think the Jabra Wave looks...
  7. TheMost

    3D gaming on SONY w850

    I am struggling to get 3D gaming on my SONY W850(passive). Does someone have this TV and managed to get games work on 3D ? I tried Nvidia 3D play - setup is complete - However no 3D in game. Tried Zalmon,Acer Eddid override - Success with the glasses worn upside down. (When the glasses are...
  8. GhorMaanas

    [For Sale] Panasonic Active Shutter 3D Glasses

    1. Product on sale: Panasonic Active Shutter 3D Glasses TY-EW3D10 2. Price: Rs. 2,800 shipped. 3. Reason for sale: Not being used. 4. Product condition: 9/10. Not much used. 5. Warranty: None (Oct. 2011 purchase). 6. Location of product/seller: Thane/Mumbai. 7. Preferred courier agencies...
  9. M

    3D glasses question

    hey guys my rig is Intel Core i7 3770k - Intel Original DH77EB G.Skill RipjawsZ DDR3 16 GB(F3-12800CL9Q-16GBZL) ATI Firepro v5800 WD 1 TB 7200 RPM HDD (64 MB Cache) LG 24X Sata Black DVD - Corsair TX850M - NZXT Phantom Dell Ultrasharp 23" Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo APC 600 va...
  10. S_V

    LG 55 LM6700 3D HDTV Quick Review

    Hello Guys, How are you Guys ? I am from Hyderabad and Last month FEB 14th I bought this Mammoth(to me) which is LG 55 LM6700... First of all... Ignore with spelling and other mistakes in this review.. I really don't have much time to check everything but still I want to share with you...
  11. Rockstar11

    suggest 3D Tablet

    which is the best 3D tablet for watching 3D movies. video songs and mp3 songs. 1 - Swipe 3D Life Tab X74 3D 2 - Devante 3D Wonder 3 - Adcom Apad 707 thanks in advance budget is 5000 just reading swipe 3d life review on tech2 3D tablet which we see as just a marketing stunt or a...
  12. A

    Confused..!! Which 3D TV to buy.. Plz help me..!!

    Hello everyone, I am here with a big confusion. I am planning to buy a new 3D TV for myself but I am very confused at the moment.!! After going through a few shops here in Chandigarh, India, I am confused between two options - Samsung vs LG..!! 1. Samsung UA40ES6200R - Rs 80,500 (Free -...
  13. S

    image synchronization issue in Samsung 3d tv

    I have a Samsung 3D TV and have faced a lot of issues with the 3D glasses for viewing this TV. I have bought quite a few replacements but the image synchronization issue still exists. I have seen simple and lighter 3D glasses at various electronic marts in recent times. Can those also be used...
  14. Sam22

    Do we get dual play glasses along with cinema 3d TV?

    I read on web that LG is giving 6 pairs of passive 3d glasses along with their cinema 3d TVs, what about dual play glasses? We have to buy them separately or they are also coming with TV?
  15. Desmond

    Valve reveals gaming headset/teaser on Big Picture

    According to this article : On a side note : Apple....Learn something from Valve you douchebags.
  16. L

    Nvidia 3D glasses from ebay?

    I have recently installed Windows 7 and discovered that unlike XP, it supports 3D. I searched and the glasses cost around 300 Rs.(1 x NVIDIA 3D glass 1 x Double Gifts, 3 D Glasses anaglyph red cyan/blue 3d 3D | eBay) Are these reliable? Should i go for it?
  17. M

    3D glasses

    I would like to buy a 3D glass, where it is available, Suggest some online store please. regards M.Suresh
  18. Sarath

    Are passive 3D glasses universal?

    I was curious during my last movie visit as to whether the glasses that come with TV sets (obviously passive ones) would work in the movie theatre too? I am aloof with the latest developments in 3D technology. Hence looking for someone actively following it for comments. I actually want...
  19. deepak_ds

    need to buy a 3d monitor with glasses

    i want to buy a 3D monitor with glasses in the range of 24k. Please suggest some :)
  20. R

    How to play Anaglyph & Stereo 3d videos on PS3 & 3d TV?

    I have Samsung ua40d6600wr 3d Full HD LED TV. Also got PS3 Move I can play 3D 1080p Blue Ray disks in PS3 and watch them on the TV in 3D with no problem with the active glasses. But when I connect a USB pen-drive (with downloaded content) to PS3, it does not detect videos or photos on the...
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