3D gaming on SONY w850


Simply.. Evolution !!
I am struggling to get 3D gaming on my SONY W850(passive).
Does someone have this TV and managed to get games work on 3D ?

I tried Nvidia 3D play - setup is complete - However no 3D in game.
Tried Zalmon,Acer Eddid override - Success with the glasses worn upside down.
(When the glasses are worn properly 3D does not work - i mean doesnt work the right way)

Any workaround for this ?
Should i buy a pair of LG passive glasses - Will it work ?

Thank You !


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Have you tried tridef software.https://www.tridef.com/
I used it a couple of times on my AOC D2367PH (3D SBS) .
It worked just fine, before I realized my poor old GPU which is an is crying, so I stopped 3d gaming.

Anyway, you can try that with a pair of 3D glasses, dont buy nvidia glasses it sux and is damn costly it is active 3d.
SBS 3d is cool and cheap. Buy a simple 3D glass which is identical to the ones used in Theaters for watching 3D movies.

If you cant find one, you can always visit the nearby theater :razz:
Hope this helps you.


Simply.. Evolution !!
Tridef works fine ...
But the software looks very limited and there is no 3D on cut scenes ...
Whereas when i used acer override it worked in cutscenes too ..
Also there is a red dot in the centre while aiming in FPS ... I Think that is the aim and supposed to shoot guided by that red laser which is very disturbing ...
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