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  1. Vyom

    Want to upgrade PC RAM but queries on Frequency, Latency and Compatibility

    So I have the following system specs: Component Model Processor Intel 3.2 GHz LGA 1150 4570 i5 4th Gen Motherboard MSI H87M-G43 HDD 1 TB WD Blue RAM G.Skill RipjawsX DDR3 8 GB (2 x 4 GB) Cabinet Cooler Master E350N PSU Corsair CMPSU-430CXV2UK 430 Watts PSU Optical Drive...
  2. ithehappy

    Upgrading. Kindly suggest [~60k]

    I am done with my buddha system, which is in signature. I am not filling up all those questionnaires and stuffs, cause I will not be buying whole system. - Budget: My budget is 60k (it was 50k actually, but after seeing Motherboard prices I actually farted) - Components required: I am only...
  3. G

    Laptop For College(Computer Science)

    Guys i'm now going to enter college(writing board exams now). And i want to ask you two questions, 1.Should i buy a laptop now or buy one after finishing the first year. I have this doubt because few of my friends recommended me to wait saying i wouldn't need a laptop for most of the first...
  4. B

    GOOD ISP in Hyderbad

    Ill be shifting to near hitech city soon. need a good isp which offers low latency to eu and sea servers. as well an estimated download of 50 gigs monthly. uptime and reliability is important. budget is around 3k. thank you
  5. anirbandd

    Which Ubuntu should I Install??

    Hi all, so finally, i am ready to try out Ubuntu.. i am confused about which version i should use - the Long Term Support or the Extra Features version? i will be using this to enhance my experience in open source OS.. PS: whats the max space i need to install Ubuntu and a few [only...
  6. C

    Need ram for my laptop

    I am looking to upgrade my dell laptop model inspirion 15 n5110 ram from 4 gigs to 8 gigs so im looking for an additional 4 gig ram asked dell and they quoted a whopping 4.5k for a 4gig stick so is there any cheaper alt. out in market between 1.5 k to 2 k (max 2.5k). My current ram specs are as...
  7. Rohan_B

    PC or Xbox 360 (Multiplayer)

    Hey Guys, I just had my first experience of Multiplayer gaming(CoD Black OPS) on my friend's Xbox 360. I loved it and am planning to buy a console for my gaming as well. Now please tell me if I should get an Xbox 360 slim 250 gigs or a good GPU and PSU for my PC. I have a core i5 PC with 4 gigs...
  8. S

    Please suggest me a laptop and a a place to buy

    Please help me out guys I need to buy a laptop before sunday My first preference are hp or lenovo. Other suggestions are appreciated though Must have i3 processor,250 gigs hard drive, 4 gigs ram, windows 7 Price:- Highly preffered if under 40k but if it does go a bit above its ok...
  9. shaunak

    Thinking about a RAM upgrade

    I currently have 2 GB of RAM [Two 1 GB sticks of Transcend DDR2 800] installed on my Gigabyte MA78GM and AMD 9650 system. These 2 Gigs fall woefully short while working with large scans, so I am thinking of increasing it. I have two RAM slots free. My budget for the upgrade is roughly 2K...
  10. A

    HP 2133 Mini-Note PC - Where to get HDD/Windows ?

    Hi I bought this Mini PC (http://h40059.www4.hp.com/hp2133/) couple of months back. Realised it later that it has only 3.1 GB HDD (No idea how!!!) And it has Suse Linux taking almost all the space. Can this be upgraded to 120 Gigs ? Any idea on the cost ? Can i go to Nehru place or i need...
  11. O

    A Rig for Virtualization

    Hi, I want a high end system which can support 3 - 4 Virtual Machines(at least 2 gigs of ram allocated to each VM) simutaneously. I would like to start with 8 Gigs of RAM but with an option to upgrade in future. I am also totally confused on 1. The type of cooling solution that I would need...
  12. K

    Final Decision; which mp3 player should i buy?

    Hey everyone Finally I've convinced my parents to let me buy my own mp3 player, so I'd like suggestions on which one to buy. I was looking for the following 1. small size- (preferably smaller than a 30 gig ipod, thin is good too) 2. large memory - anything north of 4 gigs 3. long battery...
  13. Gigacore

    iPod Touch now available in 32 GB

    My apple's newsletter was filtered out and landed in spam. Anyway, apple has released iPod touch with 32 gigs. more space, more music, more porn :p http://www.asia.apple.com/ipodtouch
  14. K


    Im trying to decompress a file of around 6.28 gigs which is split into some 60 odd files of 95 MB each. (No prizes for guessing what I'm trying to decompress). Running through Winrar gives me an error saying *Not enough space on disk* and an error saying *Only NTFS file system supports files...
  15. ring_wraith

    Buying a Portable HDD

    Hey. I am looking to buy a Portable HDD of 40 Gigs. I need just 40 gigs so plz don't post just asking me to get a bigger one. So I wanted to know which one was good and what the price was like. I'll go for 80 gig if the price diff. is not much.
  16. sagar_coolx

    Missing space!!

    i have a 160gigs segat with 5 partitions, an one of it is of 19.9GB(as reported by win. explorer). now if i select all the files on it(hidden files viewing enabled), the size is shown as jus 11.~ GB...but the free space is jus 5.56 gb..... ive used tuneup to view diskspace...it also reports...
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