Should Game developers follow Battlelog?

Should developers implement web based interface?

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    Votes: 5 50.0%
  • No

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The Mighty Unkel!!!
Staff member
Many gamers hated which DICE made gamers launch a game via a webbrowser, calling it a very stupid move. but to be frank battlelog is very good concept (it's still buggy and not without issues). searching for servers is a breeze and real deal is the amount of details it give. post match reports, weapon stats etc.. so what do you say? should developers implement something similar to Battlelog? I wish every game which has Multiplayer would include such feature.


Wise Old Owl
I am very much satified with battlelog . I think it suites better for bf3 and fps shooter game as we compare our stats with friends and other , discuss , hooah etc . Not sure whether it will be good option for other games !


Yup, its a brilliant concept, but it can be refined very well. As for the backlash, internet is a weird place :p


Cyborg Agent
When battlelog was launched (or when i saw it first time during BF3 beta), I wasnt impressed. Instead I felt it to be a crap way of starting a game and even wished to see the final release to be different (which dint happen).

I still feel the same because of the web interface and periodic (and annoying) extentions that I asks you to download for the web interface to work.

But the concept itself is awesome when you look at the loads of stats and data that you get from the game. A complete integration of the database (readily accessible and boasted upon) that makes it worth competing with our friends.

All that they should be doing is to get the interface to a client app (something like steam) that can support the sharing of battle stats and other features of the web based interface. IMO.


The Mighty Unkel!!!
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^^ How about stats? you want that in game only or you are okay with web based stats??


And I don't think the real time updates are fast enough if its in-game, correct me if I'm wrong.


Hated battlelog when it was made mandatory. I mean playing a game through the browser...pfttt.. But after using it almost daily ‚ I think its kinda good not great but gets the job done and more importantly I get to know when you guys get owned and how :p


In the zone
unlike other gaming launchers, it has a some cool features like
1.whenever ur friends are online or playing, u'll get notice, so no need to open game launchers to check what they doing
2. u can chat, or watch videos, or even visit tdf everything in a browser itself


Broken In
Its a piece of crap. its buggy and slow. doesn't always show your ping, and now it doesnt even show my stats. Server browser and stats are more user friendly and faster and comparatively less buggy in BFP4F, I prefer that model.
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