1. S

    Installing Android TV OS on Computer

    Is it possible to install Android TV OS on a computer (not a Virtual OS inside Main Laptop OS)? I see some advantages here. Laptop screen is larger than mobile so can install android games & play on bigger screen with game-pad. Less eye strain. Also can escape radiations from mobile phone...
  2. D

    Need advice buying Gamepad !

    Hi All, I planned to buy a Gamepad for Windows PC, Please suggest me some. I can go upto 3k but I prefer wired controllers. Or is there any gamepad which comes with both wired & wireless control ? Can Sony PS controller be used for PC games ? I most often play Fifa & NFS. Thank you
  3. ashs1

    Gamepad doubt

    Guys.. I recently purchased the Quantam QHMPL QHM7468 USB Vibration Game Pad Remote Joystick ( Quantam QHMPL QHM7468 USB Vibration Game Pad Remote Joystick - Buy Quantam QHMPL QHM7468 USB Vibration Game Pad Remote Joystick Online at Low Price in India - ) from amazon for about Rs...
  4. S

    Need help with a gamepad!! which is best?

    Enter Model No. E-GPV Enter Model No. E-GPV10 Quantum Game Pad QHM7468-2V ATek USB Gamepad Quantum Game Pad QHM7487-2V C QHM7469 Trasnparent Gamepad Digiflip GP003 Wired Controller Amigo Gamepad (Double Shock)- FIFA Edition which is better? ..... pls suggest!!
  5. beingGamer

    Query regarding gamepad & tps/fps

    hi all, recently i bought a xbox 360 controller. I read that many people prefer gamepads for tps games, my problem is that I am not able to control the camera movement properly while walking/running. For ex i am walking to a direction and moving the camera to same direction, i should be able to...
  6. arko1983

    Wireless gamepad

    Looking for wireless gamepad for pc. My choices:- Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710 Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710: Buy Online @ Rs.2769/- | Microsoft Wireless Controller Microsoft Wireless Controller (For PC with USB Receiver): Buy Online @ Rs.2880/- |
  7. H

    Driver For Enter GPV-10 required (windows 7)....

    Bought this gamepad from flipkart...installed the drivers given in mini cd.....but when i connect my gamepad the windows is unable to recognise the device....can anyone help me download thw drivers compatible with windows 7 for this gamepad !!!
  8. A

    which gamepad to buy for a hardcore pc gamer!!

    hello friends, i was really unhappy because my xbox 360 controller (wired) died in just 6 months of usage in (PC) , the problem was getting disconnected every time. In past i have used logitech f510, frontech, and enter gamepads aswell. so now i have to buy a new gamepad, but this time i am...
  9. Randy_Marsh

    Urgently need a PC Gamepad (2.5k budget)

    Hi Guys, I am in urgent need to buy a PC gamepad. Budget is 2.5k. I can stretch upto 3k if it really worth it. Wired is not a problem but it would be good if i get a wireless one. The two brands i am seeing is logitech/Microsoft. microsoft controllers are looking much better but i've...
  10. true_lies

    Gamepad Analog Sticks

    I bought myself the Enter E-GPV gamepad. Using it to play NFS - HP & MW. I configured the analog sticks in the game. but they are working as digital triggers. means that if i turn the analog stick a little bit to the right, the game or rather the gamepad makes the car turn full right as if you...
  11. A

    XBox 360 Controller / gamepad for PC Windows

    Finally I have overcome my addiction from DotA2 and CS:GO, and am looking forward to play more and more games :D (YAY!!!!) Wanted to buy the XBox Wired Controller but had a few doubts in mind: 1. On Controllers - The price is said 2150/- But none of it's offical partners are selling...
  12. nseries73

    [For Sale] LOGITECH Dual Action™ Gamepad

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: LOGITECH Dual Action™ Gamepad Support + Downloads: Dual Action Gamepad - Logitech Expected Price: Rs 500/- Source and Time of Purchase: Kolkata, 2011 Reason for Sale: Thought of trying to play with a game pad but couldn't. RMA/Servicing...
  13. R

    Can I play everygame on pc using Enter E-GPV10 Gamepad

    Am I will be able to play all game using Enter E-GPV10 Gamepad with XBox Controller emulator or without using it. Or any better gamepad in this price range.
  14. A

    Need to buy GAMEPAD with Steam/Windows 8.1 Support + CHEAP

    How is this gamepad: Enter E-GPV Gamepad - Enter: It has a 1000 rating with an avg of 4.1 and is only 230Rs [Snapdeal gives for 165rs but i'll pay the premium for flipkart service :P]
  15. mohit9206

    Is this cheap gamepad worth buying ?

    Atek ATK Vibration Gamepad (for PC): Buy Online @ Rs.249/- | Its only 249rs.I know it will be low quality and all that but i don;t have money so will this be fine ? If not which is the cheapest gamepad that is decent ? Budget max 500rs.
  16. Y

    microsoft 360 gamepad issue

    please tell me can i play games using microsoft wired 360 gamepad on windows 8?
  17. A

    microsoft xbox 360 gamepad: vs thrustmaster gpx gamepad

    hey guyz confused which to buy. thrustmaster gpx gamepad: vs microsoft xbox 360 gamepad:
  18. A

    microsoft xbox 360 gamepad vs thrustmaster gpx gamepad

    hey guyz confused which to buy. thrustmaster gpx gamepad: Thrustmaster GPX Gamepad - Thrustmaster: vs microsoft xbox 360 gsmepad: Buy XBOX 360 Wired Controller Online | Best Prices in India: Rediff Shopping i wanted to know which one is best and which looks good and...
  19. A

    is this xbox 360 controller pc legit?

    Microsoft Xbox360 Controller USB Wired Gamepad Gaming Controller Computer PC | eBay I just wana order this xbox 360 gamepad so i wanted to know is this gamepad for pc? and is the seller genuine?
  20. D

    Enter E-GPV gamepad two versions ?

    Hi, I am planning to buy Enter E-GPV gamepad. Are there two versions of the gamepad available ? Single vibration and dual vibration ? Need help....confused ?
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