1. A

    Samsung launches the new Galaxy Trend

    Hey guys, One of my friends told me about the launch of Samsung Galaxy trend. Anybody having a detailed idea about its specs, price, etc??
  2. K

    samsung galaxy core 720p support ?

    can samsung galaxy core play 720p,1080p videos with mx player app without any lag ? And How is the performance of this mobile in day to day use? Users reviews .....
  3. izzikio_rage

    Replacement earbuds for Galaxy S3 upto 1.5k

    After about 8 months of use the bundled earphones with my galaxy S3 finally conked out. The wire is probably broken internally near the 3.5mm jack and now only the left earbud works. Needed some help on getting some new ear buds for it. 1. does samsung not sell replacement earbuds for this...
  4. randomuser111

    Samsung launches Note 3 at 49900, Gear smartwatch at 22900

    Samsung has launched the highly anticipated Galaxy Note 3 smartphone in India along with its sidekick, the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The flagship smartphone will set you back by a lofty ₹49,900, whereas the Galaxy Gear smartwatch comes at a similarly expensive ₹22,900 price tag. The Indian model...
  5. M

    Samsung Galaxy Pro (GT-B7510)

    1. *Model number and details: Samsung Galaxy Pro (GT-B7510) Samsung Galaxy Pro | GT-B7510 | Android Smartphone - SAMSUNG UK - OVERVIEW 2. *Date of purchase: June 2011 3. Reason for sale: Dont need it. 4. Warranty details: 0 5. *Expected Price: 3600/-shipped 6. *Location of Seller: Margao...
  6. R

    Samsung Announces Galaxy Gear and Galaxy Note 10.1 with an Octa-Core Processor and Android 4.3

    Apart From announcing the Galaxy Gear and the Galaxy Note 3 Samsung made use of the opportunity to announce their Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet. The Note 10.1 (2014 edition) was the last piece of announcement by Samsung that upgraded Samsung’s larger sized Note tablet with improved features. Coming...
  7. 7shivam9

    Forsa NVIDIA GT620 1 GB VS Galaxy NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 2 GB DDR3

    This is my last Gfx card related thread there , my budget is under 4k Please help to choose between these 2 cards ! Forsa NVIDIA GT620 1 GB SDDR3 / 2GB VS Galaxy NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 2 GB DDR3 .. I have 4gb ram and INTEL DH55PJ Mother Board with 230v Power supply ! Any other...
  8. R

    Smartphone Wars, How the Galaxy Gear Stacks up against the Neptune Pine

    Smartwatch Wars, How the Galaxy Gear Stacks up against the Neptune Pine Samsung is Going to launch the much anticipated Galaxy Gear at the Samsung unpacked event along with the Galaxy Note 3. With the likes of Sony's SmartWatch 2 and Neptune's Pine Smart watch the competition seems to be tough...
  9. R

    Everything you need to know about the 'Galaxy Note III'

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 To have 4K Video Recording, Samsung Launched the Much awaited Galaxy Note 3 Samsung Mobile has officially announced the much awaited Galaxy Note 3, the successor to the hugely successful Galaxy Note 2. Not only has Samsung improved the hardware in the new note. They...
  10. V

    Samsung Galaxy Core or Xolo q700

    Hello everyone….. I am planning to buy a new phone and confuse between Xolo q700 and Samsung Galaxy Core ….. I know the price difference is almost of 3.5k …. I was pretty convinced with Samsung galaxy core, but then saw this phone and was blown away with its features, specially 2400mah battery...
  11. P

    need android phone in the 17 k range.

    hello. 1)I need an android phone for under 17 k . im looking for a bright screen, min of 4 inches of display, and no lag....ive shortlisted the xperia L and the galaxy s advance and galaxy core...please help me choose the right phone. 2) should I wait for a new launch? 3) ive seen the...
  12. V

    Android phone around 10K for my sister

    1. Budget--10K (around) 2. Display type and size?-- 4"+ 3. Form Factor?-- bar 4. Preferred choice of brand?--Samsung, sony, micromax 5. Preferred input method--touchscreen. 6. What camera option you want?--autofocus 5mp+flash, front facing camera. 7. Preferred operating system?--Android 8...
  13. vijju6091

    Note III may Launched on Sep. 4

    Samsung Galaxy Note III to be unveiled on September 4 - Mobile Phone | News | ThinkDigit Another Feather In Samsungs Cap. It seems like Sony Xperia Z ultra will have tough time Against this giant:-D:-D .
  14. A

    Samsung Galaxy Core - Huge Price drop (Available at 12k)

    Galaxy Core prices have suddenly dropped on all major sites. Flipkart earlier selling it at 15,350 has now 12,900 as the MRP. Same with indiatimes. Usign coupon FREEDOMMOB, we can get it at <12k at Indiatimes. What do you guys think? Now with the price drop, does core becomes...
  15. nikufellow

    Samsung caught CHEATING in Galaxy S4 GPU benchmarks

    Source :gsmarena blog
  16. Empirial

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Explodes, Burns Down Hong Kong Apartment

    Apple of late has had a rough time in China, as the iPhone has been electrocuting many Chinese citizens. But it appears Apple is not alone and its arch rival Samsung is also facing some problems of its own with the Galaxy S4. Xianguo is reporting that a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone exploded...
  17. K

    samsung galaxy ace 3

    pls review about samsung galaxy ace 3, and what is the price..?
  18. P

    Suggest Me the Best Android or Lumia Phone upTo 15000 bucks...

    I have gone through the many phones and find out the Nokia Lumia 720 and Samsung Galaxy Grand Quttro....tell me among this both which one i should go for and if any other than tell me
  19. S

    Need info regarding use of data card on Galaxy Tab2 GT-P3110

    Hello guys, I was thinking of getting a usb host otg cable to connect a datacard on my tablet as my tab don't have the option to use a sim card. But before i do that I just wanted to know if its possible. Any help from galaxy tab users would be much appreciated.
  20. S

    Xperia L/Nexus 4/SG S3 ? help me to chose

    please provide your suggestions in selecting the right phone. I'm pretty much confused. I had decided upon the Nexus 4. but heard having battery issue, after 4-5 month its pathetic battery life. not even half day. IS IT TRUE?:-x camera and audio is normal not as good as Galaxy S3 or Sony...
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