1. vickybat

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs

    Rumored specs of the highly acclaimed successor to the S3 have started hitting everywhere in the web. Sources claim it to have a beast of an SOC i.e Exynos 5450 which has a 2.0ghz quad core A15 cpu, 2gb ram and a Mali T658 gpu which has 8 shader cores and sports a unified shader architecture...
  2. theserpent

    Galaxy young and fame unveiled

    Samsung unveils Jelly Bean-based Galaxy Young and Galaxy Fame - Mobile Phone | ThinkDigit News Are you kidding me? Samsung please define what but improved Specs mean? #FAIL again If fame is priced anything more than 10k its a no no go
  3. P

    Best of both- Galaxy Grand Duos or Galaxy S2?

    I am looking for an android smart phone under 23k.I am zeroing in for Galaxy Grand Duos but my friend is offering Galaxy S2 at Rs.18000 with bill &1 Year warranty .I read abt S2 getting an Official JB update... What do you suggest? Should I go for S2 or Grand or any other model...
  4. T

    Galaxy grand??

    Hi all, Was looking to buy a phone with relatively larger screen, as I have been using an SE Xperia Ray for quite some time. Went through the devices on offer in the market(online survey), and found the Galaxy Grand interesting. Do u guys think its a good one?? As my usage would...
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