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  1. A

    VLC media player

    how does one add a song or file to the playlist.the VLC looks impressive in its functions but how does one add a playlist-please help
  2. sling-shot

    Link2SD vs Mounts2SD

    I have used Link2SD and reasonably understood how to use it (though not the intricate details of its working) Recently I have come across another application on F-Droid | Free and Open Source Android App Repository called Mounts2SD that seems to have similar functions. Has anyone here used...
  3. R

    php date functions

    simple date functions
  4. F

    New phone 18-24k budget

    Hey guys. I am a complete noob at Phone buying. So I wanted to ask ur help. My dad wants a new phone, preferably from 18k-24k. He is very simple, and will use the least of apps, Just he needs basic functions. Android or iPhone or Windows, you people recommend which is better...
  5. R

    Printer Needed ~ 6 k

    I Want Monochrome Laser printer Without Multi Functions under 6k ..Suggest ???
  6. vickybat

    Nvidia and AMD Sued Over Power Management in Chips

    This is really one interesting piece of news. Both gpu giants are sued by power management solutions over one of the most basic power management functions in integrated circuits. Read more here.
  7. B

    URL Rewrite without using .htaccess

    Hello everyone,How can i change the url when I am navigating from one page to another. for example if the existing url is like "www.example.com/product.php?name=xyz&q=service" ,I want to change it to "www.example.com/product/name/xyz/q/service" But I dont want to use .htacces. How can I...
  8. A

    Can't figure out the problem with my cam

    My Canon Powershot A470 has a problem of not displaying any picture to shoot.. The display goes blank but it shows the menu and other side functions while shooting.. It is not capturing any pic from the lens.. How the problem can be resolved?? It is not within warranty. Please help what to do
  9. CA50

    Unlocking Casio fx-82ES to Casio fx-991ES

    This is a guide to unlock your Casio Scientific calculator to a higher version with more features. I have tested it with my own fx-82ES and it worked. This mod will unlock model number fx-82ES/83ES/85ES to fx-991ES Generally 82ES comes with 249 functions function and when the "setup"...
  10. Garbage

    Signs that you're a bad programmer

    Read more at - Signs that you're a bad programmer - Software Engineering Tips
  11. S


    which functions of a laptop can we avail in tablets?
  12. S

    defy or desire or galaxy sl ?

    Really confused. which has better camera, video playback functions ? and future support ?
  13. nims11

    Function Plotter

    I wrote this function plotter for my Csc school project. It takes mathematical function(any function of 'x' containing brackets, basic operators(+,-,/,*,^), trigo functions, log,floor,ceil) from the user in form of a string and then evaluates it and plots it in a graph. My program supports...
  14. IronCruz

    Help for Photoshop

    Hello. I'm looking for Photoshop tutorials. I need tutorials like from basics i.e tools it's functions and then slowly little bit more and so on...
  15. dare_devil

    graphics in c++ using dev c++

    i used to work on TC++, there i used graphics.h header file for graphics, but dev c++ don't support it, i find out dev c++ uses windows.h header file to create menus etc. so all i want to make java applet like program with menus buttons and all graphics.h functions or similer functions. so can...
  16. A

    Functions like gotoxy,delay,textcolor in c++ working in turbo C++ but not in dev c++

    There are a few functions like gotoxy,delay,textcolor,clrscr and many others which run perfectly in turbo C++ but don't work at all in dev c++. I tried copying header files from turbo c++ directory into devC++ directory, but it makes things worse. Plz help.
  17. A

    voice command software

    Hi, i am new here.... me and my (2 other) friends was planning to develop a software in voice command using vb.net. voice command in the sense voice accepted from mic and do appropriate functions in computer... can someone help where should we start from.....!!!:confused: :!: or if you...
  18. G

    GLB 502T+ Need Help

    I have a GLB 502T+ Dlink Modem on MTNL TRiband connection. Everytime I start my Desktop I need to reset the Modem either by turning it off and on again. Or by going to the setup / Tools and Restart. Once I do that the modem functions alright. 1. Is Modem supposed to work like this on an ADSL...
  19. VarDOS

    For Sale Sony WALKMAN

    Hi Friends, I Want To Sell My SONY WALKMAN - NW-S205F 1GB/ 2GB Brought From Singapore. 2 Month's Before. It Is In Excellent Condition Perfectly Working Order With No Issues In Any Of Its Functions. Price : For 1 GB : Rs 4000 Price : For 2 GB : Rs 5000 Selling Because No Time To Use...
  20. E

    CD drive not visible - Please help!

    Dear all, When i click on My Computer, i am unable to see the CD Drive icon. However when i load CD in the tray it functions but i cannot run any non autoplay CD's. Can somebody please help me urgently with this?? Thanks
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