1. hellknight

    the FreeBSD thread

    Hey FOSS guys. FreeBSD has been often neglected in the forum. Although all the Mactards keep on blabbering about their Mac OS X, they forget one thing that Mac OS X is nothing without FreeBSD. So, I urge you all to give a try to FreeBSD or PC-BSD. And, if you guys are familiar with our beloved...
  2. hellknight

    The FreeBSD thread

    I haven't seen a single thread about FreeBSD in this forum. So I thought that we can start a new thread & post our experiences in this thread. Fellow FreeBSD users can also post their experiences with the OS in this thread. I've been using FreeBSD since last couple of days. It really, is a...
  3. NewsBytes

    PC-BSD 8.1

    We always wonder why is it that Microsoft makes us pay to use its OS, so why not shift to Linux or UNIX which are open source and free to use. No doubt Microsoft has made it very easy for lay man to use a PC but we all know Linux is more secure than Windows. Also, off late Linux...

    need info about FreeBSD.

    Hi,guys,i m downloading FreeBSD os through dis link .can u tell to me cd 1,cd2 cd3 nd cd doc is require?.mean wat is cd livfs nd is not require . and wat will i be do with dis both file "CHEKSUM.md5 & CHEKSUM.SHA256.plz help me bro
  5. cooldude666666

    Unable to use sound device in FreeBSD 7

    I have an Acer Aspire 5920 laptop with Realtek HD Audio(At least that is what the software says in windows). I recently installed FreeBSD 7 and after a bit research was finally able to play sound after downloading and installing the Open Sound System(OSS). But, the problem is that no mixers...
  6. cooldude666666

    X server not running in FreeBSD 7

    I have an acer aspire 5920 with Intel C2D T5550, 2 GB DDR2, Mobile Intel GMA X3100 etc. I have recently installed FreeBSD 7 to dual-boot with my windows xp but I am not able to start the X server. I tried to generate a conf file using xorgcfg but did not work. I am attaching the log. Before I...
  7. cooldude666666

    Help me get this FreeBSD image in ma head...

    Recently I started downloading FreeBSD images on my GOD-forbid GPRS!!!!! Anyways, I'm unable to get what the images named "7.0-RELEASE-i386-livefs.iso" and "7.0-RELEASE-i386-bootonly.iso" are for? Can anyone explain?
  8. S

    FreeBSD- how is it?

    Today i bought the digit and found that FreeBSD and PClinuxOS07 were provided this time.Then i googled for BSD and found that BSD is quite a powerful OS! I tried to burn the ISOs(3cds) but there was some prob so cudnt burn. Can u guys tell me where i can find a DVD ISO for FreeBSD 7.Also which...
  9. slugger

    Debian and FreeBSD - which ISOs to download?

    When I went to the download page of Debian and FreeBSD I found a lot of ISOs Are all of them the OS setup? Or the other ISOs are for appz? I have numbered the corresponding ISOs. can you tell me which ones I will need In the freeBSD downloads one additional question What is the...
  10. B

    FreeBSD tries to compete with GNU/Linux

    Will FreeBSD enter into a competion with GNU/Linux on the desktop?. *
  11. D


    guys im thinkin of tryin freebsd . can someone explain me about freebsd . please dont post any link people caz im a newbie to freebsd . but i have experience in lot of linux flavors .
  12. A

    FreeBSD on Digit DVD

    I was very excited that I will now get a pure UNIX OS. However There were many problems in installation. My harddisk has got Windows XP installed on it and when I tried to install FreeBSD I could not instal the X-windows system My moniter just showed some weird things and I had to restart. I...
  13. V


    Hi, All, 1. What is a Difference betn Linux And FreeBSd....?? 2. Is It Contain ne graphics environment as linux or what..?? 3. Is it possible to install it on my pc with windows. .?? i've celeron-1.2Ghz,128Mb RAM, HDD-40GB 4. Is It widely used as Linux/Windows Or Whr...
  14. A

    Install error FreeBSD

    Guys help me out here!! I hav a Samsung 20Gb DD with WinXP pro loaded on it. Win XP is loaded on the primary partition (C:) i hav an E: drive on the logical partition. I wanted to Install FreeBSD (which came in Nov 2004 Digit DVD). I created another primary partition i: for FreeBSD Now...
  15. R

    freeBSD amd64

    hi i need freeBSD for an amd 64 . i dont have the resources to download . can someone help me with it . i will pay for the empty cd's and the courier thanks
  16. K

    Whats Debian Sarge ???

    Whats Debian Sarge ??? will be getting a whole dvd just with that and its goodies alone . any deep idea on what it is and if its similar to freebsd ?? i still havent gotten around to installing freebsd itself and i am getting this dvd
  17. G

    Help installing FREEBSD

    Hi guys, i have 40 gb hard disk with a 15 gb primary partition, a 23 gb extended partition inside which i house my suse 9.1 in a separate 7 gb partition. i have burnt the freebsd iso's received in the digit dvd and would like to install it as i heard that it is a very good distro. but the...
  18. D

    FreeBSD Question

    Hello, I went right ahead and bought the Nov 2004 Digit the minute I saw FreeBSD 5.2.1 on it. Little did I know it would contain RARs of the distro instead of the ISOs... I find that really silly? Anybody here know how I can burn those onto bootable FreeBSD CDs? I am aware of the floppy...
  19. V

    OpenDarwin and FreeBSD

    Is OpenDarwin better than FreeBSD?
  20. V

    Installing FreeBSD

    Hi, My partition structure is: C: Fat32 5.00 GB Healthy (System) Primary Partition D: NTFS 10.00 GB Healthy (Boot)Logical Drive in Extended Partiton E: NTFS 17.26 GB Healthy Logical Drive in Extended Partition Free Space 5.00 GB in Extended Partition When the partition chooser screen...
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