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  1. F

    Alternative to google forms

    Scenario A person has to claim expenses he made, so he fills out these columns for multiple items Item Name Rate (in Rupees) Quantity After that all his items are displayed and he can seen Total amount. Then he submits the data First I went to google forms but I couldn't find a way...
  2. tkin

    Need help with a sample survey for Cable TV users

    Hi Guys. My friend is doing MBA and he was asking me for a way to conduct surveys very fast and with accurate results. So I suggested him Google forms. We decided to run a demo to see the effectiveness of google forms for conducting surveys, its time to move away from Pen & Paper. If...
  3. ankush28

    Please fill this survey about automobiles

    If you have 5 minutes of free time, please fill this survey. Future of automotive industry Thank you :) Its hosted on Google forms, no personal details required.
  4. R

    need help in vb 6 programming

    so there is this school project i am developing i made a mistake and started and completed all the form in vb 10. and then my teacher told me that i require to redo the project in vb6, so i was wondering if there is any way to copy all the forms from vb 10 to vb 6 as it is
  5. V

    Confusion between first, last & maiden name

    I am confused with what really the maiden name means in the Indian context. A google search shows it is "A woman's family name before she is married." But while filling up forms, we usually fill the details in the maiden name as the first name only. Suppose say my mom's name is X Y(where X is...
  6. M

    free ROBO FORM..

    I need to fill up examination forms for various state and central govt. exams online. I need to fill up all the data such as adrress, name etc. again and again. Please suggest me any freeware software, which will help me filling form online by automatically filling forms. like roboform...
  7. ssk_the_gr8

    MBA Aspirants

    so guys how many of u'll will be giving cat/xat/snap/mat etc.. :lol: and the various other MBA entrance exams? which test series have u joined ? time, pt education etc. i've joined time when do the forms come out? what books do you refer to? let us discuss all this... here
  8. speedyguy

    Project Development using Eclipse and db2

    Have taken up an IBM tgmc project as curriculum where m working on virtual classroom system. One small issue is i dont have a single idea of what and how i go about. we have 2 use eclipse(java with ajax) and db2... I tried using netbeans to develop gui based forms but dunt know how to...
  9. metalfan

    Anyone giving Engg. Entrance exam this Year ?????????

    which all forms u have filled and what branches do u wanna opt for?????
  10. Beckhamgal


    Hey!! I wanna knw abt Special Class Railway Apprentices Examination(SCRA). Whats its syllabus n eligibility criteria? How can I apply? When are the application forms coming out n from where can I get them? Thanks in advance.
  11. U

    Forms release dates

    Hi everyone! please will u enlist all post HSC exam form release dates here. Some I know that PMT,AFMC,JEE forms are released.
  12. jxcess2

    Mumbai University Certificate

    Guys, I know this sounds stupid but does any1 know where one can collect his/ her exam passing certifcate from Mumbai univ. I had given my TYBSc exams in 2006 and have received my marksheet but I was told to fill in some forms to receive the certificate. I couldn't fill in the forms then as I...
  13. S

    saving data in pdf forms

    anyone knows how to save the data in the pdf forms. I know its protected...but there should be some roundabout method. Help guys.....
  14. R

    Whats the full form of WWW

    ppl out there.... plz tell me all the full forms of WWW u know...
  15. R

    Confusion in reading/writing symbols!

    I bought a Asus dvd writer, i hv slight confusions regarding the reading/writing speeds and symbols! It supports following formats- DVD-RAM, DVD+/-R/RW, CD-Text/Extra, Karaoke CD, DVD Single/dual layer discs, CD-Rom/XA, Photo CD, CD-DA, Video CD, CD-R, CD-RW. Now i want to know the full...
  16. M

    Active Server Pages

    I am a new learner to ASP technology. I m having problem while running the asp program ,specially while executing forms, Can anyone help, as to how to run asp for forms??
  17. T

    Microsoft Access : How to select table while designing Forms

    Hello, While designing MS Access Forms, (in the manual method) I was at a loss as how to select a table/tables based on which the form is built. can anybody help...? lovingly, thomaskparkash
  18. S

    Feedback Forms?

    Well! I am developing the pages of my college site, the help I need is in Forms :: I want to know how to make mail, Feedback forms etc I have maked them with Microsoft Frontopage but its not working. As I am a novice & Electronics & Comm Engineering St not Comp please suggest best softs in...
  19. Sourabh

    Google Toolbar BETA for Firefox

    Google Toolbar BETA for Firefox SpellCheck Check your spelling whenever you type in web forms AutoLink (US only) Turn street addresses into links to online maps AutoFill Automatically fill out forms for faster online shopping WordTranslator Translate English words into other...
  20. N

    Wave to MIDI converter (Freeware)

    Hai friends, New Year Greetings to all... Is there any freeware available to convert the Wave or MP3 songs into MIDI forms so that we can play on our mobile?
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