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Forms release dates

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Hi everyone! please will u enlist all post HSC exam form release dates here.
Some I know that PMT,AFMC,JEE forms are released.


respect mah authoritah!!
jee forms are already out. aieee forms on 5th december(not sure about this).
please post dates for dce form too.


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from above link
IIT-JEE 19th November 08 (Already Out)

AIEEE (CBSE) 5th December 08

VITEEE 1st Jan 09

Manipal Eng 15th Dec 08

B.I.T (pilani) 20 Dec 09

A.M.U eng 15th Feb 09

T.S Chanakya 5th Feb 09

UPSEAT 17 Jan 09

B.V.P 10th Feb 09

J.P Noida 25 Feb 09

Q.Q Singh Indraprastha 20 Jan 09

ICFAI Hyderabad 10th Feb 09

M.P P.E.T 14th may 09

D.B.A (Reliance) 21 mar 09
Thanks for the original poster!
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