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Which will be the hightest RAM ( of graphics card ) required to play all future games till death ?

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i use kazaa for downloading. I got many videos (rare) but I was unable to play them even though some of them worked. Those formats were mainly asf and wmv and some of avi. When I play them, It only shows the lenth of the video but do not play them. I tried to convert in diffrent formats but it says format is not recognized. Please help me, Sincerly.


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which media player r u using? wmv should work with wmp without ne problems. try using different players and c if they work.


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media player is of no use

WMP S**** it is not able to play it own formats like asf and wmv.

I want the list of all the codecs.


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Just downlaod and install "Kazaa Lite Codec Pack"

that shud make everythin work.
And use wmp 9


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NO need to install codecs for asf and wmv files cuz they r installed with wmp. the culprit here are the files u downloaded !! Most probably they are corrupt or bad, like most files dowloaded from Kazaa.............


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pl. don't install codec packs completely if u don't know which one u require ... they contain may same codecs of different version as well as substitutable codecs which may conflict ur system.

if wmv & asf files r not playing properly then u might need the latest version windows media 9 seriers codec & 8 series codec. for avi u may need various popular codecs like divx, xvid, vp6.2, vp3.1/vp4.0, ms mpeg-4 etc.

check in virtualdub / divx player ... if the perticular codec is missing it will tell u the name


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dood the problem u stated clearly seems to be the files itself :)
if ur system dosent have a codec which is required to play a certain file then the file wont get opened in the first place :)
as for kazaa ..... not everything u download on kazaa works :(
many time during download the files get corrupt and thus r rendered useless :(
so nuthin wrong with ur system :)
neway if u dont have it do load windows media player v9 + updates :)


i agree with ice
just install the codecs
some files dont open without a codec
some open and dont show any video ...
so just get kazaa lite codec pack and that should be all u need
and no .. in typical config it wont conflict with anything ...
as far as ive seen atleast
and ive installed and reinstalled it countless times. ... on mine and all my friends comps
so its safe .. go ahead


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pravin4u said:
Can anyone help me with how to use Kazaa? i am using broadband connection (pacenet-india)
LOL u too on pacenet !! sometimes pacenet blocks Kazaa when the data xfer rates shoot thru the roof ( collective downloads for all users in a locality). So try using DK firewall booster. @ my place kazaa connects thru this bu the speeds are reduced. Try switching to Bit torrent or e donkey or overnet.


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files r the problems. many times u get corrupted files from net. or sometimes they just download a link 2 ur system n need 2 b connected 2 run, try running the files when u r connected.
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