1. I

    Anyone here heard of Evgeny Morozov?

    Tired of seeing poor tech journalism in India with hardly any critique of any other aspect of the technology apart from the tech itself(digit included), I searched online for foreign journalists and found this guy! - * Anyone else here...
  2. S

    I am a foreign national in India. Can I expect ethics from banks here?

    I am a foreign national in India. Can I expect ethics from banks here?
  3. dude1

    Suggestions for abroad studies.

    Hey guyz! My engineering will be over soon and I am inclined on joining civil services. I was thinking of getting a public administration degree. Especially if I can get admitted from a reputed university in US/UK. What is the procedure? Am I eligible for SAT? Which University is good? etc...
  4. Cyberghost

    Entropay and normal credit card charges???

    Hii, I'm planning to take a credit card from SBI. I want to know whether purchasing with a credit card is profitable compared to entropay VCC. As entropay has 4.95% loading fee and 3~3.5% foreign transcation fee from the debit card linked with entropay. What are the charges associated with the...
  5. H

    How India lost $14 billion worth of foreign investment in two days

    How India lost $14 billion worth of foreign investment in two days – Quartz
  6. A

    Graduate Studies

    I'm, in Final Year of B.Tech having an aggregate of 65% atm. I'm planning to write GATE and GRE next year. I have 92% in Xth and 84% in XIIth. Do you think these scores would be enough for me to get an admission into IIT/IISc or else to a good foreign university? I'm planning on working for...
  7. bubusam13

    No room for Amazon ?

    Retail firms with FDI won’t get to do e-commerce Read more here India won’t allow e-commerce by retail companies with FDI - Livemint
  8. ramakanta

    Online LIVE TV !!

    Is there any website, where I can see the LIVE TV of Indian Channels and foreign channels. If available please help me. Thank you. :reading: :oops:
  9. cute.bandar

    Suggest book for mysql

    I made a classified site so I already know the basics. SELECT , UPDATE , CREATE , DELETE (CRUD) , using foreign key etc. I just need to learn a little bit more ,but not in perfect detail. For example : I know how to use UNION ALL,but end up making highly inefficient sql queries. I can use...
  10. D

    is msc cs through lateral entry valid for foreign jobs

    is msc cs through lateral entry valid for foreign jobs
  11. R

    Indian Freelancer payment options

    Hi, I plan to work as a freelancer for UK company. I will be working on their software project. I just googled and found receiving payments from foreign country is a risky business. RBI/FEMA/POLICE can harass etc. Does anyone have any idea on this? Please express your opinion :!:
  12. amitabhishek

    Adult-rated foreign films may be allowed on digital platforms

    This may bring some cheer to lesser mortals who don't know what Torrents are...! or for someone who are too embarrassed to ask the local VCDwala for the ahem! stuff...or to frustrated souls like digitians geeks;)! Read on
  13. S

    Ordered Nokia 5800 From Ebay..Custom Department Delhi not releasing it...Pls help...

    I oredered a Nokia 5800 From Now when i track the item it shows me this: Class: Express Mail International® Status: Into Foreign Customs Your item is being processed by customs in INDIA. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again...
  14. NucleusKore

    Foreign students make a beeline for Indian jobs

    With the job scenario being dull in Europe and the U.S., many foreign students are heading to work or intern in India, reports Economic Times. Sunghoon Kim, an MBA student from Rotman School of Management, Canada, is interning at Infosys, as part of the instep programme. "The job market in...
  15. abhijit_reddevil

    Left wants govt to seek Swiss Bank A/c details

    Source: * But that is direct breach of customer's privacy. :mad: First let all the ministers and the MLA's and all in politics provide their foreign bank a/c details. Then these NRI's (?) will...
  16. furious_gamer

    Foreign key error, in my JSP Project

    Hi friends, I am developing an Web Application using JSP/Servlet and MySQL as backend.. I have a main table having 17fields. Out of 17, 4 were foreign key..(I hope u all know foreign key...A field linked from other tables primary key)... In the first JSP form, user only wants to enter three...
  17. praka123

    UK teacher jailed over teddy row

    A British teacher has been found guilty in Sudan of insulting religion after she allowed her primary school class to name a teddy bear Muhammad. Gillian Gibbons, 54, from Liverpool, has been sentenced to 15 days in prison and will then be deported. She escaped conviction for inciting hatred...
  18. vish786

    Worth reading... every indian should read it, Dr. Abdul Kalam's message.

    i want all to read the whole message instead of reading just few lines. *Please read this article by giving 10 minutes from your busy life. Really good.... ** * * The President of India DR. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam 's Speech in Hyderabad . * Why is the media here so negative? Why are we...
  19. D

    Require Lottery Software Super Lotto number generator

    Hi, can any body tell me any software which is developed in india which generates lottery numbers like super lotto game, thunder ball etc. i wrote indian software not foreign i know there are so many foreign software . reply on if u have indian link
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