1. M

    Installing Android apps into SD Card.

    Hello, I have Samsung Galaxy FIT and dont know how to install the apps into the SD Card. currently its always installing in fone's internal memory.. and its getting full.. so, pls assist me. THanks a lot.
  2. M

    Android Auto-performance boost?

    Hello, we all know that any / most of the android fones (atleast which is <15K in price) has a battery problem, its seems, thats the way it is. this is due to 600 or 800Mhz and low RAM. so, we need to keep looking at killing apps, clearing cache and clear unnecessary apps..etc.. is...
  3. iinfi

    sync contacts between two Nokia Symbian fones

    hi all.. i have an E63 and a N97 mini. is there a software to sync contacts effectively between the two fones. eg. if i add/update a contact in one fone it sud be replicated in the second fone and vice versa without the use of a third party software ... like ovi suite etc
  4. frederick_benny_digit

    n82, n95 or n85 ????

    hey i need a new fone in 20K budget STRICT... 5mp camera, music main criteria...flaunt value also important :P zeroed in to these fones....i guess xenon flash not so imp ... the sliders look sexy. the 3.5mm jacks wud be very ehlpful...i heard the 8gb versions are some 24K for n95 n...
  5. panacea_amc

    Screen capture proggy for Java mobile fones!!!

    Screen capture proggy for Java mobile fones!!! here is an applet that can capture the screen of ur Java enabled handset...there are many such proggys for Symbian fones but, i believe this is the first one for Java fones like Sony Ericcson...u have to run this proggy in the pc and connect ur...
  6. panacea_amc

    Cool softwares 4 JAVA fones!

    here in dis thread, i will provide sum delightful softys meant 4 JAVA fones which i stumble across d net . u r also welcomed to post urs if any. heres a proggy thru which u can c the clear sky above u wid al d planets,stars, constellatn etc rite in ur mobile screen, changing their course...
  7. panacea_amc

    Download manager for JAVA fones!

    here is wat i found. a Download manager for JAVA fones! * enjoy!
  8. Zangetsu

    latest 5 MP fones

    hi all :smile: Motorola and Kodak Launch MOTOZINE ZN5 its a 5MP fone with xenon flash:D will it be able 2 beat our lovely N82 ....???? & r there any other fones with 5MP camera + xenon flash..:D
  9. iMav

    What makes Blackberry so special

    As the title says, i know about push email, other than that is there any major difference between the BBs and other fones, let's a HP fone & a nokia fone? also i'm aware of the govt. vs BB battle, so stick to the question please :) thank you.
  10. panacea_amc

    << E-books in cell?? >>

    hello, i just came 2 know that e-books can be read over fones too.. will anyone please guide me how is that possible over my SE w550i fone?
  11. H

    Which fone to buy????

    hi guys at present i own a N95 8GB and i'm thinking of buying another fone.but i just cant decide whihc fone i sud buy. budget is not a prob. i've shortlisted a few fone: 1>ROKR E6 2>HTC P3400 3>HTC Touch 4>HTC P3300 5>any SE fones?? 6>any Nokia fones? (no s60 plz as i already hav 1,also when is...
  12. D

    Which 1 is best N72 or W700i or K550i???

    Plss suggest me.... I have budget arnd 8k ...srched sum cell fones ..found N72, SE W700i and K550i acc to my budget... but not able to decide which 1 is best??? Please help me... I want good music and camera both. Any suggestion for other fones arnd my budget 8k (but only of Nokia or Sony...
  13. iMav

    Rape ur cell

    sorry for the title couldnt resist it :D my younger brother meesed up dad's cell and then it was me to the rescue .... here is a list of many cell fones with steps in images to dismanttle ur cell fone SE Nokia Samsung I think this topic is worth a sticky :)
  14. assasin

    MotoROKR E6! sud i buy it???

    hi guys! at present i'm using a Nokia 5500 and i'm thinking of upgrading.i've a budget of 15k max,the lower the wat fone sud i buy? is the Motorola A1200 @ 11.5k or E6 @ 13.5k a good buy?since i've been using S60 OS9.1 fone,will these fones give me something more?plz help me to decide...
  15. assasin

    wat fone sud i buy????

    guys at present i'm using a Nokia 5500 and i used Airtel MO for surfing and D/L'ing getting speeds of 18-25kBps. i've seen that Nokia 6110/6120 has EDGE Class 32 which sud theoritically give speeds of 296kbps (37kBps). will buying this fone inc my D/L speeds? also when will these fones be...
  16. J

    Motorola W220 or L2?

    1.Help me choose the best fone, and specify your reason for your choice. My budget is around Rs.4000. Is there any other gud fones at this range? 2. According to you which is the best mobile network in India? Airtel, Hutch, or BSNL??
  17. Y

    Don Buy Music Fones

    its all a bunch of tree huggin hippy crap ..dont buy music fones...get an mp3 player and maintain ur dignity..bunch of losers
  18. panacea_amc

    == which fone to buy? ==

    hello peopl, i have around Rs 11000-13000. i need a fone with following features 1. sliding fone 2. Good quality speakers. 3. memory storage of at least 30 mp3 songs@ 128kbps 4. good battery life. 5. minimium of 1.3 megapixel camera so, after i did some amount of searching, i found the...
  19. iMav

    anti virus

    is there an actually working anti virus app for s60 fones .... if yes which 1 u use???
  20. evil_maverick

    Which Anti-Virus do you use?

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