1. Deepankur19

    POLLBOOTH: A survey to serve HONOR

    With the sole aim of Honor Hub to get transparent and effective feedback. Let us help Honor get our message received via this poll. Please vote in an unbiased manner. Also comment the reason for your selection. Disclaimer: The intent is to garnish the improvements in future Honor products in...
  2. S

    Does it make sense to buy Samsung Galaxy S6 in April 2016

    Hi, Yes it kind of obvious . While the markets are buzzing with Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, many are still attracted to the now affordable Galaxy S6 at Rs 34K. While the super high specs of Galaxy S7 are attractive but very pricey for Rs 49K. So for all those who are ready to settle for...
  3. Desmond

    AMD Officially Confirms New Radeon Flagship – R9 390X Read more: http://wccftech.com/amd-reveals-ra

    Source: AMD Officially Confirms New Radeon Flagship - R9 390X Ultra-Enthusiast Graphics Card In All Likelihood
  4. A

    Whats up with Mi3 Hype ?

    It seems to be all over the place and its annoying ! What people and our beloved tech websites don't seem to realize is that Xaomi is temporarily operating on a "NO PROFIT" model because they want to gain a strong foothold here in India. Once they do that, it wont be long before their...
  5. aloodum

    The Flagship Killer - Oneplus

    Apologies in advance if a duplicate thread exists: Of late the phone market has been abuzz with talks of a giant killer- a powerful device at economical price, with enough grunt to floor the flagship models of current day. Finally the specs and pricing been revealed : A phone theoretically...
  6. G

    Suggestion for buying new android phone

    Please suggest a good android phone among Nexus 5, S4, Htc One, LG G2 etc and other flagship phones phone will be bought from US and budget is of no concern....
  7. Theodre

    Is galaxy Note 3 Really Worth 48k??

    I was planning on buying the Samsung galaxy note 3 till morning until when i bumped into some websites stating the cons of the product which is the latest flagship of the korean giant!! I am now confused between three phones and for good reasons... 1. Nexus 5 : Mainly because it has an 8MP...
  8. RohanM

    Samsung said to release the Galaxy S5 in January

    According to Korean media outlets citing sources inside Samsung, the Galaxy S5 will see its official announcement in January next year. The earlier than expected release is dictated by the disappointing sales of the Galaxy S4. It appears that despite the excellent sales performance of the...
  9. ZTR

    Here’s how the iPhone 5c is Apple’s cunning move to boost the iPhone 5s sales

    Here's how the iPhone 5c is Apple's cunning move to boost the iPhone 5s sales - GSMArena Blog I agree with him as the 5C is basically a 5 in a plastic body. And not any cheaper either
  10. K

    samsung with wreless charging

    Where the iPhone is world’s hottest rumoured device ever, Samsung is getting in second place thanks to the succes of their Galaxy S line. As MWC 2013 approaching our insiders are working very hard on getting us information about upcoming devices which are going to be announced but this article...
  11. josin

    Next Generation Galaxy S device code named “Altius”, Goes on sale in April

    see MORE
  12. Skyh3ck

    Flagship Boards for Bulldozer......

    Flagship Mainboards for Bulldozer from Asus, Gigabyte and MSI - X-bit labs Boards for BD from Asus, MSI, Gigabyte....
  13. vickybat

    Mobile Sandybridge Unleashed (watch out AMD)

    Guys, intel has come up with its mobile sandybridge parts and they are blazing fast and consumes way less power than their predecessors. Intially, only i7 parts has been launched with 4 quadcores and 4 low and ultralow voltage dual cores. All support hyperthreading. What surprised me is the...
  14. comp@ddict

    AMD going to launch HD4995X2!!!!!!

  15. comp@ddict

    What's INTEL playing - HAVENDALE and LGA 1160

    Well, here we are anticipating the response to NEHALEM, INTEL's next gen processors with their FLAGSHIP i965 Extreme as the most powerful processor at 3.2Ghz. Speculations are that even the 2.66Ghz variant of Nehalem beats the LIVING DAYLIGHT out of the QX9775, INTEL's Yorkfield Flagship procc...
  16. anandk

    An End Of An Era : Bill Gates says Goodbye.

    One last chance to hear Bill Gates speak before he leaves the company he co-founded to head up his humanitarian efforts, drew tens of thousands of Microsoft employees to the company's annual meeting at Safeco Field in Seattle. Estimates of this year's attendance ranged from 20,000 to 35,000. A...
  17. tiblu

    AMD counters Intel's Conroe with dual-socket gaming platform

    AMD used a meeting with the press and analysts to provide some long-term information about its product strategy. Part of the roadmap is an answer to Intel's flagship processor Core 2 Extreme: AMD will launch a new platform with two sockets for two dual-core processors, handing gamers four...
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