Does it make sense to buy Samsung Galaxy S6 in April 2016


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Yes it kind of obvious . While the markets are buzzing with Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, many are still attracted to the now affordable Galaxy S6 at Rs 34K. While the super high specs of Galaxy S7 are attractive but very pricey for Rs 49K.
So for all those who are ready to settle for something less than SG S7 , like the SG S6 , has it become too old ? ( released in march 2015 ) to give any thought . Actually thinking a little bit about this we can see that flagship releases from other mobile phone are months away ( the nearest is Lg G5 which maybe in the July 2016 ). Moresoever who knows when they are going to release in India . Samsung is only one to give some respect to India market ( or maybe got a better deal with Flipkart ) but look at the prices of S7 . Nexus and HTC will release in September . Is there any thing good alternative at the flagship price sweet spot of Rs. 40k


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Galaxy S6 is still excellent phone. 34k is a decent price for the hardware. I remember a few years ago, i had bought Galaxy S3 for 34k. Galaxy S6 is leagues ahead of that phone. Worth the money.

If you are okay with smaller brands, then Xiaomi Mi 5 for 25k is better value for money.
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