1. D

    Beauty of Nature

    Just finished filming a short-film about nature. It's on Youtube, please check it out. Hope you guys would enjoy. Watch in HD. :D
  2. quan chi

    Discussion about films (mainly indian).

    Discussion about film industry (mainly indian). Like the title says from acting to direction everything matters here. You can discuss about the best actors, directors, musicians, scrip writers, stories etc related to the film industry. Here you don't name a film and review it in two lines...
  3. N

    Projecting inside a car.

    I am working on an augmented reality project. I need to display information to the driver on the windshield. For that we are thinking of using a projector inside the car and using some sort of film or matte on the windshield on which we can display. I tried the rear projection transparent film...
  4. Flash

    'Assassin's Creed' movie release date set for 2016!!

    The movie adaptation of the popular video game "Assassin's Creed" finally has an official release date. 20th Century Fox announced that the "Assassin's Creed" film, starring critically-acclaimed actor Michael Fassbender, will be out in cinemas on Dec. 21. 2016. Fassbender will not only be...
  5. ico

    College Girl - the best movie after Gunda?

    Gunda has a competitor. Unlike Gunda which only had 'dhamakedaar' first 20 minutes, this film is consistent throughout. Name of the film is "College Girl". Find it on YouTube. Youtube: SfZxnYX4fG0 Great movie.
  6. Flash

    Ubisoft working on Far Cry, Watch Dogs, Rabbids films

    Ubisoft Motion Pictures is poised to step up its push into Hollywood with film projects based on the Watch Dogs, Far Cry and Rabbids franchises. According to a report from Variety, Ubisoft's film division will "package" the three films as a trio, recruiting screenwriters, directors and actors...
  7. Flash

    Viswaroopam - [of Religion warfare] This is not the first movie, to deal with this problem. . . But . . .
  8. Vyom

    Capture your life for 12.12.12 to take part in One Day on Earth documentary

    One Day on Earth - The World's Story is Yours to Tell On 10.10.10 I took part in an initiative by some enthusiasts, the aim of which was to capture the lives of people from all around the world and embed them in one documentary. People from all parts of the planet took part by shooting...
  9. TechPlex

    Camera for film

    I am in search of a camera below 50K with basic kit lens that can record real good, but not necessarily the best 720p video at 24 fps. And it will be great if it can do that job at 60 fps progressive also. All this for a film shoot. APS-C sensor atleast. And the Canon EOS 600D is the name that...
  10. gdebojyoti

    Need help - How to create a short 3D animation film?

    Hello, I want to create my own short 3D animation film in Maya. Nothing too fancy. Just as a hobby. Can anyone give me some links to some tutorials (ebook/ video/ online article) which cover this topic? I don't need a very detailed step-by-step tutorial (though I won't say no!); but it...
  11. K

    Downloading Torrent for a Film Do not wish to have Sub-Titles !

    Hi Guys, Can anyone please help me explain this, I am trying to download one torrent file which is a Blu-Ray of the <name edited> Now I do not wish to have sub-titles in the film, is there anyway I cannot have it. I see when I download the torrent file in the Torrent Client to download the...
  12. Tenida

    Tenida is back after 32 years :D

    Source Who is Tenida? Ans- I am very exited after so many years we are going to see Tenida in big screen again.So how many of you are going to see the adventure again?? De la grandi mephistopheles yak yak !!! Tenida er joy hok....:D
  13. Vyom

    The World's First 3D Rendered Film, A 1972 Video!

    The World's First 3D Rendered Film [VIDEO] , Link, to the video: (since couldn't able to embed Vimeo Vid): 40 Year Old 3D Computer Graphics (Pixar, 1972) on Vimeo
  14. C

    windows/system32/config/system file missing or corrupt‎

    My mission is my COMPAQ EVO with a P-4 processor and the OS is Windows XP PRO (V-2002) and it had all the current never ending updates and SP patches everything Windows needs to drive you nut's. Anyway the kid's used my comp because they killed theirs and downloaded a new nasty Little bugger...
  15. Anish

    video encoding

    Hi, I recently edited a short film using cyberlink power director. The 15 min length film was took using a sony handicam (cant remember model). But after editing and adding effects using power director, the file size was 2.7GB (too large for 15 min).. I tried to encode using handbrake into a...
  16. eggman

    Sidney Lumet: 1924-2011

    Source: Sidney Lumet: 1924-2011 ~~~ He was on my fav. His last film Before the Devil Knows You're Dead was one of my fav Bank Heist film . Rest In Peace.
  17. Rahim

    Veteran Bollywood actor Bob Christo passes away

    Veteran Bollywood actor Bob Christo, who essayed the role of a villain in films of the eighties and nineties, passed away in Bangalore on Sunday afternoon. He was 70. His business partner and family friend, Khaleem Pasha, said: "He was hospitalised after a massive heart attack on Saturday...
  18. detoknight

    Piracy and anti piracy in India

    India is a breeding ground for piracy. It says here that 65% of all software used is pirated. This report places India as the fourth largest global hub of online film piracy...
  19. digitoman

    Instrumental ringtones

    Hi, * *I am looking for the instrumental ringtones of the songs "Tadap tadap ke is dil se" from the film "Hum dil de chuke sanam" and "Ya rabba" from the film "Salam-e-ishq" respectively. Can anyone pls help me get this ringtones.:?:*
  20. Krow

    A call to all movie buffs

    A couple of you might be wondering why I have decreased posting so severely and that too so suddenly. The answer to that is pretty simple and it concerns all the movie buffs like myself. We, at Bhavan's College, Andheri (West), Mumbai, have taken an initiative to launch our first Film Festival...
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