1. R

    Speaker System crisp clear sound for home use

    Hi All, Want to buy a speaker system to connect with my LED TV (Panasonic A300) as well as smartphone. After researching online, I think a decent set would cost me anywhere between INR 5-10K. I am not a BASSHEAD but need something which can fill my living room with crisp and clear audio. I found...
  2. R

    Survey on IT Industry (plz fill it..wud be of great help. Thanks)

    Hey guys, Request you all to fill up this survey on attrition rates in IT Industry. It's for my MBA thesis report. Would be very grateful. * Thanks a ton :)
  3. ankush28

    Please fill this survey about automobiles

    If you have 5 minutes of free time, please fill this survey. Future of automotive industry Thank you :) Its hosted on Google forms, no personal details required.
  4. S

    Dynamic prices of airline tickets.

    Hi, I am a final year student of Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, and I will be extremely grateful if you can please spare 2 minutes of your time and fill this questionnaire regarding dynamic pricing of airline tickets. It is for a very important project in my curriculum...
  5. B

    MS-Word Problem

    Hi Guys I was making a chart in MS-Word 2007. First of all when i fill up the values it takes way too much time for the chart to get showed up like one to two minutes, maybe because i have another like 70 bar charts in the same file IDK. And sometimes it just doesn't show the chat even if i...
  6. sygeek

    [Buying advice] Problem while buying cabinet online (I have to fill some form and send it to them)

    I bought most of my components from flipkart and mdcomputers which went like a breeze, however the cabinet was not available at either of the places for the the desired price (NZXT Source Elite 210). So, I bought them from TheITWares and today I called them and they said that firstly it's...
  7. josin

    Happy news for BSNL broadband users....Now switch you plan online

    yes you can switch your plan online...For changing your plan first go here to see which is the best plan for you fill in the details, and select change plan option...:-D
  8. SlashDK

    Future in Space?

    Hi guys, I need a bit of help with the topic in the title for a project and one of the things needed is a survey. Can you people please fill this? * Also feel free to discuss the topic, I'll join in a...
  9. veera_champ

    What happend to my PSU

    AMDFX 8150 BIOSTAR TA990FXE CORSAIR VENGENCE 4GB (4) MSI R6850CYCLONE 1GB DDR5 CORSAIR HX650 PSU When i connect with my CPU and MOBO it gives beep When i fill the slot with single ram it just on but not getting display when i fill all slots with rams it turns off with in 20 to 30...
  10. V

    Confusion between first, last & maiden name

    I am confused with what really the maiden name means in the Indian context. A google search shows it is "A woman's family name before she is married." But while filling up forms, we usually fill the details in the maiden name as the first name only. Suppose say my mom's name is X Y(where X is...
  11. S

    120GB OCZ Agility 3 SATA 3 2.5" SSD --- 1 Week Sale Only.

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: 120GB OCZ AGILITY 3 SSD OCZ Agility 3 SATA III 2.5" SSD - OCZ Expected Price: Rs 6750/- Time of Purchase: 02-Jun-2012 Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: USA WARRANTY 3 Years ( starting from manufacture...
  12. dashing.sujay

    Please fill this survey.

    Guys, I need to get this form filled up by at least 100 people in order to complete the project. > Some one fill as a female also :D For rest, TDF people are smart enough ;) And those who fill just drop a post here. :) TIY
  13. R

    Gaming Rig 45k in MAY

    hey guys, I know there is one more thread going on for a gaming rig at the same price , but i wish to buy the Rig in May. I just want to know what new hardware would be avaliable during that time. Also, shall i fill up the PC Build Questionnaire Template now or later when May is close...
  14. @

    Anyone Applying for DRDO SET 2012

    Anyone here giving / interested in DRDO SET 2012 ? Link - RAC, Home Last date for application is Feb 16. They aren't letting freshers to apply this time ? I tried to fill the form & it is asking minimum 3 years experience Can anyone confirm ?
  15. S

    Survey on Mobile Phone

    Hi Friends, I am doing a survey on mobile phones. Please spare 2 min to fill the survey... Click here
  16. T

    100 Free licenses of Lockngo 4.0 - Portable media security solution

    hey guys, Today's giveaway for TechPP mega Christmas campaign is Lockngo 4.0, a super cool USB security software. 100 licenses for first 100 people who leave the comment + fill a form. 15 licenses for those who blog about it. Hurry up...
  17. naggregate

    What is your next mobile phone purchase?

    Guys, I'm doing a project for my class in business studies. Would you please take just 2 minutes to fill this form: * ? Trying to do a project on how people buy new phones and what they look for in a new phone. Please fill it out. It is completely anonymous...
  18. G

    For Non-Konqueror User's [Please take time to fill this]

    If you don't like Konqueror or find something lacking in it and do not use konqueror. Please take time to fill this survey and help making konqueror a better browser... * Regards, Ujjwol
  19. ztbryan

    Are there any people placed in Wipro ?

    I've been placed in Wipro through a campus interview and was told that I was to start by March 2009. I am yet to be given any confirmation on the exact joining date and place. If there are any guys out there who could fill me on the details of the joining procedure of Wipro, would you please...
  20. nitish_mythology

    URGENT HELP REQUIRED--Delhi Waalon help!!

    I need to fill the Delhi University form.. As I belong to Uttarakhand with no close friends in Delhi,moreover I cant download the form from the website n fill it! There is no such facility! THE LAST DATE IS 16th JUNE The form is worth Rs.30 , not much but quite a bit when you are spending it...
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