1. W

    2.1 Speakers around 1.5k budget

    I am planning on getting a 2.1 speaker system for my PC.I am not much of a bass lover & prefer clarity & reproduction of sound as close to original sound source as possible(aka don't need enhanced bass or treble). I have selected Creative SBS A120 & F&D A110 but have no experience with either...
  2. sujoyp

    Need a 2.1 for under5k

    Hi guys, I require a simple 2.1 system for my laptop and playing songs from USB and phone. My laptop's speaker have become very tinny after 3 years :P I checked some speakers like 1. Logitech 443 2. F&D A110 3. F&D 550x 4. Creative some model. I loved the out of this world design...
  3. GhorMaanas

    [For Sale] F&D F5090 5.1 HTS Speakers Set

    For sale: F&D F5090 Price: 8,500/- Reason for sale: upgraded to AVR and separates Dt. of purchase: late 2011 Condition: 3.5/5 Shipping: local-sale preferred these are hefty-sounding speakers (analog-only) whose strength lies in audio-reproduction of movies & games. a remote and cables will be...
  4. N

    Help with 2.1 speakers

    Im confused with Philips ms4040f and f&d a510.I heard that f&d only focuses on bass rather than clarity of sound.Also philips has pmpo of 4000w whereas f&d has 5000w pmpo.Which of the 2 is the best ??
  5. X

    Extension Cable for F&D F6000

    Hello people i've been using f&d f6000 for a year now, And i am quite happy with it. I am planning to shift the speaker to little bigger room. How do i choose an extension wire for the rear speakers? What is wire gauge for this home theater. I cannot find the gauge information in User manual i...
  6. SaiyanGoku

    5.1 channel HTS needed

    1. Budget? Around 5-6k but the lower I can get them, the better. 2. Home Theatre System type? 5.1 channel with minimum 30W sub-woofer and 10W in each satellite. 3. Primary use of the setup? Will be connected to the TV which is used for watching movies and TV series. Hoping to connect it...
  7. C

    System shuts down after pluggying in USB

    Hi, I bought my desktop about 2 months ago, I have the following configuration- CPU- i54440 MB- Asus B85m-g RAM- Corsair Vengeance 8GB (8x1) PSU- Antec Vp500p GFX- MSI GTX 960 OC 2GB HDD- 1TB Seagate Baracuda I bought F&D v620 about a month ago, it is powered by USB. So here's my...
  8. T

    Need 2.1 speakers 3k and best portable 2.0 speakers

    Hey guys, I need to buy a 2.1 speaker system for my desktop. I am an audiophile but times are hard and my budget is 3k. I was looking at Edifier X600, F&D A520. What is the best option within 3k? Also I need another set of best possible portable 2.0 speakers not more than 2k that I can carry...
  9. B

    5.1 speakers for Gaming and Movies (Budget 10K)

    Ok as the topic says i am looking for a new 5.1 speaker system to use with my gaming system. So far i have shortlisted these three: 1. Edifier 5000PRO 2. F&D 6000 3. F&D 6000U One thing more, do i need sound card to run these? I am already running Creative 5.1 6100 on my Motherboard...
  10. R

    Plan to buy 5.1 computer speaker

    Hi, i am planning to buy a 5.1 speaker for my computer. After a little browsing sorted the following 1. Logitech z506 2. F&D 6000 Usage: Movie watching, Gaming and music Budget: arount 6k What about the F&D 3000 and 3000U is it good. Is it worth buying the F&D600U for the USB option...
  11. N

    2.1 Speakers for 3k-4k

    Hey I am looking to purchase speakers for my pc. Mostly for music, movies and loud enough for 1 room mini party music. I was going through other threads, F&D speakers (in this range) seem to be a nice choice, can someone vouch for this brand? Any other suggestions?
  12. pranjal.3029

    2.1 Under 2-3k for a friend's room

    A friend has asked me to check out all options for a 2.1 Speaker Setup under 2k max. Though if you can suggest anything under 3k which is worth spending extra dough, then maybe I'll persuade him. So far, I have checked both Amazon and Flipkart and then picked all these: Envent ET-SP21234...
  13. A

    Best 2.1 Speakers under 2.2k

    Hi, I am from Bilaspur, Chattisgarh. The place is very small and lacks good quality of tech shops where you can audition speakers so I will be ordering them via snapdeal. After 1 week of research I shortlisted 2 speakers 1.Edifier m1380 2.F&D a520 The main purpose of this speakers would be...
  14. R

    5.1 System under 20 k Suggest

    hi i am looking for suggestion on 5.1 system for my home, confused between edifire and F&D please suggest any good model my main req is thumping bass:mrgreen:
  15. G

    My experience with f&d !!

    I would suggest fellow digitians to read the following conversation below before buying A510 OR A520 or any product from F&D !! Do check the dates in conversation to see how long they take to even reply :| Pics are also attached for confirmation :- Conversation started 19 February...
  16. G

    Dilemma - F&D 6000 at 4500/- OR creative SBS 335 at 1400/- ??

    My friend is offering 1 year old F&D F6000 5.1 speaker system for Rs 4500 (good condition) whereas a new creative SBS 335 2.1 system is readily available for Rs 1400 in nearby market . I am using lenovo Z580-59333346 laptop (stereo sound) so i won't be able to hook it up in 5.1 mode with F&D...
  17. avichandana20000

    5.1 speaker

    Pls suggest a 5.1 channel PC speaker around 8k. Mobo is GA990xa with Realtek. Personal choice Edifer & F&D Will listen to mono , stereo music and 5.1 sound movies.
  18. 1

    Please Suggest Best 2.1 Speakers ...

    Hello,:) Please Suggest The Best 2.1 Speaker To Invest In Under ₹ 3000. If The Speakers Really Worth It, I Can Increase My Budget By +- ₹200-500 My Few Months Research Suggest: F&D A520/A521 Edifier M1386 Creative SBS A335 Creative Inspire T3130 And How Is Logitech Z313 Uses Will...
  19. G

    2.1 Speakers - Compact w/good bass and clear output. Budget 3k

    Hi As title suggests, I am looking for a 2.1 system to use in my bedroom. I prefer compactness as I will be placing it in a small table near my bed. I will be using itto listen to music - need good bass and clear sound output without distortion at high volume. Max budget ~3k ish - please...
  20. Cool Buddy

    F&D W330BT Speakers

    I want to buy a speaker with bluetooth. The reason I'm looking for bluetooth is that I want to use the speaker with multiple sources including TV, Laptop and phone. I did not find many options within my price range (which is ~2500). I found this which is just a little out of my budget. Any...
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