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Need psu for my following pc config urgently


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My pc spec is amd fx 6300.
4 into two ram of ddr3.
Amd r9 390.
One hdd rpm 5400
. One ethernet port.
3 usb hub.
No optical drive.
No overclocking will be done.
One fan 80mm(not sure of it).
My purpose is gaming for 1 hr daily but pc will be on 4 to 6 hrs daily


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With reference to these two threads,

Seasonic S12 II Bronze 620 is bare minimum;
If you think it's better to have some head room, Antec True Power Classic 750 is good enough.
dear sir when i fed the above specs on powercalulator it showed i needed 450watt psu.. So i was planning on getting 650 watt. Ya the r9 390 says 750 is recommended but this gfx card is for extreme oc which i wont do. So please suggest in 650 watt range thnk u


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As nac suggested you can go for the Seasonic unit. It is a reliable company and PSU.

I think you should be fine with a 550W unit if you don't intend to upgrade with another card any time soon.

If not the seasonic, then you can look out for the Rm Series from Corsair. Is a modular PSU with a gold rating and 5 years warranty.
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