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  1. Cyberghost

    I Am Setsuna

    Developers: Tokyo RPG Factory Publisher: Square Enix Release date : summer,2016 Platforms : Ps4,pc , vita(japan only) Led by director Atsushi Hashimoto, Tokyo RPG Factory aims to capture the narrative depth, impactful storytelling and masterful character development inspired by the...
  2. K

    Help needed..... installing OPEN-WRT in Western DIgital ROuter mynet n750....

    Hello guys, I got WD mynet n750 Dual band Router ... But i got stuck while installing Open WRT to it...( It doesn't support DD-wrt but it does support open wrt) Sorry Im "Technically" illiterate ....:mrgreen: so I really need to know the process step by step and like a child ..... I...
  3. Sarath

    [Help] Restoring SMS after factory reset (Nexus 4)

    I performed a factory reset / format on my N4 a few months ago and I haven't used the device since. Now I need to access some of my old SMSes. I would like to know if there is any way to get those SMSes back? Any software that lets you get your old files back? Any help would be much appreciated
  4. D

    toshiba l55-a5299 factory refurnished plz help

    Dear all I want to buy Toshiba l55-a5299 satelitte laptop. specs. 8gb, win 8.1 i7 2.6 ghz, 1Tb HDD 15.6 inch screen.. but the only thing stopping me from buying this is a TAG " Factory Refurnished" this lable is pasted on back of the laptop. what i understand by this is. the laptop...
  5. N

    Factory Setup if Recovery Image is LOST

    I have a dell inspiron 17r se 7720 . When i purchased this lappy the boot logo of dell (bios) didnt use to come , and just a dell logo with windows loading circle came . Due to some reasons my hdd crashed and dell guy came up and replaced my hdd and reinstalled the OS but ever since then , i get...
  6. A

    Resetting laptop to factory settings

    Hey guys i bought a dell laptop with win 8 pre installed. Now I want to reset it to the factory settings from the inbuilt recovery partition. But I read somewhere that resetting deletes all the user created partitions as well. Please tell me if it is right or not. Thanks in advance.
  7. R

    number of wrong pattern matching attempt error in android 2.3

    When i start my phone,i am getting number of pattern matching attempts error in android 2.3.I am trying to perform factory reset at starup. I got the recovery menu at startup by pressing volume - button but i am not getting Factory reset option over there. TEST ITEM TEST ALL CLEAR...
  8. prehistoricgamer

    OCing Core 2 Duo E7500

    Im trying to OC the processor of my 4 years old HCL branded PC.It has a Woldale Core 2 Duo CPU E7500 @ 2.93GH with 250W PSU. The mobo is Gigabyte G31M - ES2L. First when I tried 11 x 366, the OS crashed with a BSOD. So i lowered it to 11 x 300 with a bit of variation in CPU voltage which gave...
  9. R

    Soldering MIC to earphone !

    Hey guyz..I recently purchased philiphs she3850 earphones only to be disappointed that it does not have a mic. I have a broken galaxy S2 factory earphone with mic working.I know bit of soldering basics, so wil the philiphs earphone work if i solder mic to it ?
  10. sriharsha_madineni

    [For Sale] IPhone 4 16GB(Black) Factory Unlocked, Indian Billed.

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: iPhone 4 16GB(Black) Factory Unlocked Expected Price: Rs 18,000/- (Price Ref 1; Price Ref 2; Price Ref 3) Time of Purchase: September 2011 Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No Reason...
  11. Harsh Pranami

    Removing factory installed recovery partition and making a new one

    Hi friends. I was wondering if I could remove the factory installed recovery partition and make a new one with all the windows and drivers update. Is this possible?? If yes then please tell me the procedure.Thanks
  12. W

    Is it safe to buy iphone factory unlocked from ebay

    Hello TDF membes, I am new to the forum and want to buy a smartphone. Coming straight to my query.....Is it safe and legal to buy factory unlocked phones from ebay. My eyes are set on this.... Brand New Factory Unlocked Apple Iphone 4S - 32GB | eBay My queries/doubts:-- 1. Is it safe and...
  13. S

    [For Sale] iBall 7.2 mbps factory unlocked Brand new 3G data card usb dongle

    Better than huawei and ZTE USB modems New iBall 3.5GH-72 Connect USB Data Card Long Life, Best Quality, Factory Sealed, Fully New PRICE:Rs.1350 For direct purchase on thinkdigit (Great discount as MRP is Rs. 2,249) You can also buy on ebay ...
  14. Unkn0wN

    Galaxy S Advance [I9070] Kernel Wakelock !

    Got my S Advance two weeks ago and i am having a wakelock issue since then. So here it comes 1st, It used to randomly shutdown after locking it. Factory reset solved that. 2nd factory reset was because of the phone not going into deep sleep cause of some kernel wakelocks. 3rd hard factory reset...
  15. slashragnarok

    Factory overclocked vs non-overclocked graphics cards

    Hi guys, I thought I would make a thread regarding whether to buy Factory OC'd cards or just buy plain non-oc'd cards and overclock them ourselves(it's pretty simple once we know how to). My thoughts: I read somewhere that CPUs and GPUs are rated at much lower frequencies than most of them...
  16. Shibaprasad

    Good Factory Overclocked Cards

    Suggest good factory overclocked card here
  17. S

    GTX 560 ti stock or factory OC

    Hi, I am building my new PC and confused about the stock GFX card and their factory OC versions. I have decided on GTX 560 ti. I have found many driver issues with 560 ti OC cards and am not not sure if i should be buying those. I am assembling my new build this week and need your advice...
  18. sumit05

    Inside a Motherboard Factory

    Have a look at Gigabyte motherboard factory here - :goodjob: Gigabyte Factory Tour 2011 | bit-tech.net
  19. kool

    Video conversion format for SAMSUNG mobile.. plzz help me.!

    Guys, my friend has SAMSUNG B3410, now he asked me to convert some vid songs for his cellphone. I tried in mp4, but it not supported, later i tried in 3GP format but it also not supported. I'm so confused. I've FORMAT FACTORY. so tell me what the right format, resolution for converting vids. As...
  20. reddead

    galaxy 3 stuck on boot screen; need help on flashing

    i tried to put up a new gingerbeard theme on my i5801[galaxy 3] but did something wrong and now my phone is stuck at boot screen.... i need help in reflashing my phone.... i had 2.1 stock and now i am thinking of flashing with 2.2 or other rom??[suggestions needed] i read that you need to...
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