1. S

    [For Sale] Brand new Samsung Galaxy J2 2016 edition Sealed Pack

    For Sale ! Brand new Samsung Galaxy J2 2016 edition Sealed Pack Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: SAMSUN Expected Price: Rs 7,000/- Source and Time of Purchase: Got it as a gift. Reason for Sale: In need of cash RMA/Servicing history: Not applicable Product Condition: Brand new...
  2. S

    Requires suggestion on buying 3D TV from out of country

    Hi All, One of my friend is coming from france and i am planning to bring 3D Tv from there. Please let me know what issues i can face while bringing TV from outside of india. Also if tv was old and used one then what will be the probability that custom people will charge custom duty?
  3. mohit9206

    [For Sale] 11 PSP Games

    1. *Model number and details: FIFA 13, Burnout:Legends,Street Cricket Champions 2,Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker,God eater:Burst,Phantasy Star Portable,Kingdom Hearts:Birth By Sleep,Daxter,LocoRoco,The 3rd Birthday,god of War:Chains of Olympus. All games with their original cases and manuals...
  4. mediator

    Atheists face death in 13 Muslim countries

    "In 13 countries around the world, all of them Muslim, people who openly espouse atheism or reject the official state religion of Islam face execution under the law, according to a detailed study issued on Tuesday. And beyond the Islamic nations, even some of the West's apparently most...
  5. soyab0007

    [Want to Buy] Urgent - Netbook | Acer Aspire one | Asus | Samsung

    Urgently looking for Netbook for office purpose.. Acer Aspire one | Asus x101/1000h | Samsung | Dell | Any Notebook model Provide more details about Model no, warranty, condition, accessories, specs.. Pm me your offers, Mumbai sellers preferred for face to face and convenient deal..
  6. harshilsharma63

    Obstacles in shifting from Windows to Linux

    Hi, I was thinking what all could be the problems in making a complete shift from Windows to Ubuntu? I know games don't work in Linux (as of today), but is that it? Is that the only problem? Are there any other problems that one may face?
  7. S

    Logitech C210 webcam

    Hi TDF Members, I want to buy a web cam which adjust the light condition , for the real time video capturing. As i want to give the demo on working of Face Recognition application, based on Viola-Jones alogrithm. My laptop's webcam, sometimes doesn't detect the face due to the...
  8. T

    Twitter get a Face Lift ! :)

    Twitter on the web get a new Face Lift. Twitter is now allowing users to showcase their profile with Facebook like Timeline Cover. You can add a COVER art called "HEADER" in twitter of a maximum size of 1252 x 600px EXAMPLES : [ Please don't start to follow them ] Some Indian...
  9. M

    COWON service center in Kolkata........

    Hi guys......can any one tell me If there is any service centers of COWON in Kolkata???If yes, where is it????If no, what do i do if i face problems with my COWON product???
  10. P

    (Urgent )Planning to buy panasonic DMC fz150.

    Hi guys i have decided my mind on buying feature rich panasonic DMC fz150 . However i would like to know best shop to buy it from . Flipcart is selling it at whopping 24500 and a local dealer is giving it @23499.00.(Both giving same free goodies) . I prefer COD or face to face dealing...
  11. B

    Android 4.0 Face Unlock Defeated With A Picture

    At Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) launch event, the new Face Unlock feature was called ‘beta’, and it turns out with good reason. At a recent Samsung demo event, one reviewer had the chance to play with the Galaxy Nexus and test out the Face Unlock feature. After setting up the device to...
  12. meetdilip

    Webcam video capture

    Please suggest a good webcam video / image capture software. The purpose is to take pictures and record videos using webcam (iBall Face 2 Face C 12.0). I have the driver and software with me. Webcam is working but in the software options are greyed. I did tried the latest driver from iBall site...
  13. socrates

    Airtel and Vodafone users in Punjab face network outage

    Even in this they are together??? Airtel and Vodafone users in Punjab face network outage
  14. S

    Micromax Reboot Problem

    hi frnds i have purchased phone micromax Q80 and it's good phone too.. >>But i have face one probe that really notebale problem is that when i use bsnl sim and try send msg and call it reboot.. it can receive msg and call on bsnl but only during sending and calling it reboot.. it have only...
  15. Harivel

    Facebook Video Calling Launched

    Video Calling Talk to your friends face to face. See here!!!Facebook Video Calling Copycat is Facebook r Google???ur guess?? O.o _____________________________________________ I always "animate" by my friends
  16. TechPlex

    Unlock the BIOS.

    I am seriously hearing people raving about Overclocking. And whilst I was googling the correct way to overclock, I came face to face with the problems of many that they are unable to see such features in the BIOS. And that's the same I am facing. I need help to overclock my CPU.
  17. Razor 1911

    FaceBook Games

    FaceBook Gamers: Which game do you like the most on Face Book ?
  18. damngoodman999

    Symbian 3 phones -> PC freezing

    Last 4 months i 've been using Nokia C7-00 (symbian 3 ) sometimes using safely remove hardware system freezes suddenly [no keys r working ] have to restart ! Its kind'a weird problem i face more than 3 times , i mean which hardware going burst out first ? PC or Phone ? Which hardware is...
  19. ghantaukay

    Forgive me but...

    Forgive me but I may be in the wrong forum .I just want a quick answer.I have a Cooler Master PSU and it has a switch with 2 readings 115 and 230.where should i set the switch? Once before the PSU from CM blew up in my face and I dont want that to happen again (obviously) Please reply immeciatel.
  20. vik.1912

    Project "Face Recognition"

    Hey Guyz, I need help in determining how to get started on a project based on "FACE RECOGNITION AND TAGGING SYSTEM" OBJECTIVES: 1.Tag a face and save it in the database 2.Use the DB to search for a particular face from a bunch of pics. plz suggest: # Developing Platform / language...
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