Requires suggestion on buying 3D TV from out of country


Hi All,

One of my friend is coming from france and i am planning to bring 3D Tv from there.
Please let me know what issues i can face while bringing TV from outside of india.
Also if tv was old and used one then what will be the probability that custom people will charge custom duty?


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I suggest not to buy a TV from other country?Lots of reason digital tuner may not compatible in India,Warranty issues and finally those tvs are huge it may be huge problem for your friend to carry such large device.

Don't have experience about customs.

How much you are willing to spend?Most manufacture are removing 3D from their tvs.


Thanks Minion for your suggestion.
But here i am not able to understand the last point "Most manufacture are removing 3D from their tvs."
Why this is happening? Any reason on this.


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Samsung and LG have officially said to remove the 3D from TV's. The reasons are pretty vague such as they want to concentrate on Smart TV functionality more than 3D TV.
One more thing, DO not buy TV from outside, from customs point of view, you have to pay double taxes. When you purchase TV in France, You have to pay 20% VAT and when you come to india again you have to Pay Additional import duties.
So all in all you pay more than what it is worth of.
Consider Shipping cost, VAT, Import Duties+Additional Taxes, Without any warranty. Not worth!!
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