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  1. X

    Extension Cable for F&D F6000

    Hello people i've been using f&d f6000 for a year now, And i am quite happy with it. I am planning to shift the speaker to little bigger room. How do i choose an extension wire for the rear speakers? What is wire gauge for this home theater. I cannot find the gauge information in User manual i...
  2. N

    Logitech z506 or F&D F6000. Max budget Rs. 6000

    Hi guys, After a lot of research, I have selected z506 and f6000 speakers for my led tv. Max budget Rs. 6000. However, I couldn't just finalize between these two. Please help me in deciding which one is better. I will mostly watch movies and tv programs. I want to create a home theater like...
  3. G

    Iball Booster vs Fenda (F&D) f6000

    Hi , Which is the better one among iball booster and f&d f6000 ... can any suggest good 5.1 speakers with good bass for less than 8k which is available on hyderabad or online ????? Thanks Girish
  4. J

    Need 2.1 speaker around 3k

    Hello, I need 2.1 speaker till 3k only for movies. Need crystal clear audio with nice bass (no distortion) Also I have checked 5.1 Logi Z506 and F&D F6000 threads.. Please suggest good one for movies only.. Thanks in advance.
  5. F

    F&D: Fenda Audio F6000. Require feedback!

    Hi everyone! I was out in the market for a 5.1 audio system which had a volume control on the subwoofer and also a wireless remote controller. The budget was a constraint since this is being installed in a clinic with 2 speakers for 2 rooms and centre channel for waiting area. Only casual music...
  6. S

    Which one among Logitech Z906, Edifier DA5000 PRO OR F&D F6000

    I am planning to buy new 5.1 system as my old Altec Lansing VS3251 is half dead. I have researched on google/internet and filter out three speakers according to my need and budget. Following are my options, 1) Logitech Z906 (bit expensive though) 2) Edifier DA5000 PRO 3) F&D F6000 So...
  7. GhorMaanas

    Edifier DA5000 PRO OR F&D F6000 ?!

    Hi all, was about to go for an audition of the DA5000 PRO at alfa (andheri, mumbai) today eve, when someone suggested to me the F&D F6000. i read its reviews and it looks darn appealing. am stuck up between the two. please help. some details : 1. aim - gaming, music, movies (in that...
  8. N

    F&d f6000

    I am planning to get speakers , for good surround music and movies .. My budget is around 5-6000 rs . How are the F&D F6000 series? What is there price in mumbai?
  9. nvrmndryo

    F&d f6000 vs.logitech z-5500 ?

    how is F&D F6000 compared to logitech z-5500 in overall ? is it better than z-5500 in sound quality or bass ?
  10. samaresh7

    F&D F6000 home theater

    Give your suggetion for F&D F6000 home theater with price and store details in kolkata.
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