Need 2.1 speaker around 3k


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I need 2.1 speaker till 3k only for movies.

Need crystal clear audio with nice bass (no distortion)

Also I have checked 5.1 Logi Z506 and F&D F6000 threads..

Please suggest good one for movies only..

Thanks in advance.


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I have F&D A520 I bought it when it was at 1.6k on flipkart. The speakers are amazing the bass is very loud and the sound is clear even at the highest volume.


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If you are into logitech z506 and planning to increase your budget then i'll say go for it, as i own it and i clearly confirm that this set is awesome for movies, and gaming.

condition (for movies and music on z506): they must be encoded into 5.1 audio surround sound format, otherwise rear speakers will seem nonfunctional..
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