1. Desmond


    Since a few of us recently started playing the "Poor Man's DayZ", aka Unturned. I thought its about time to start a thread for discussion. For those of you who don't know, Unturned is a Free to Play survival game very similar to DayZ and extremely minimal graphics, to the point that the...
  2. ithehappy

    I think I need a mouse again! Any Zowie users here?

    Hey guys after my G9 aged out I bought a Roccat Kone Pure (laser) thinking that it won't have the double click issue like the G9 and all, and initially was pretty happy too, but now in the middle of rainy season and due to high humidity the left switch has started double clicking, just like the...
  3. Ronnie11

    Coffee Maker for a budget of 2000/-

    Hey guys, I am looking for a coffee maker for a budget of 2000. This is the first time i am about to buy a coffee maker. Looking for a reliable coffee maker which will be used daily by my family. Although it will be mostly used for coffee, i was wondering if similarly it could be used for tea as...
  4. Harshverma

    ACIII lags !?

    Hello friends my ACIII lags in my e2200+HD5670+2GB RAM It does not lags indoor , start of game on ship , etc and lags in cities where lot of people around me and forests , etc and lags extremely in Boston I have original copy of ACIII on my Ubi account , is there is something...
  5. darkther

    TurtleBeach z11

    This is my turtle beach z11 headset, bought back in November 2012. Imported from usa :) imgur: the simple image sharer Total of 8-9 pics Now, these are extremely comfortable headsets, good directionality. The only thing I don't like about these are the massive earcups.
  6. E

    Speakers(Budget max 500)

    Looking for extremely basic speakers... any suggestions..?
  7. annie_xtremegamer

    a lappy for mumma..mobility preferred under 50 k

    hi friendz want to buy a lappy extremely portable..n having a good config too...plz reply soon ...
  8. ajayritik

    PC extremely slow and hangs up quite often

    Currently my PC has become extremely slow and hangs up quite often. I have a decent Antivirus so not sure whether the problem is with some virus infection. Is there something I can do to check if there is some virus, trojan etc. Operating System: Windows XP SP2 Antivirus:Bit Secure...
  9. nginx

    Mini Netbook

    Brand doesn't matter but it must be based on Intel Atom processor. Just wanna buy the cheapest & smallest possible mini netbook with extremely low power consumption for downloading purpose. Something like HP mini 110... If anyone has anything to offer for extremely low price, please post here...
  10. azzu

    FBI Cybersquad usin matrix(movie) machine's

    The scary thing is that the Cybersquad is protecting our data with old Dells, Windows XP and "intimidating" Matrix screensavers. Plus, that 37-inch Westinghouse sitting right on top of the keyboard is a good indicator that the Feds have extremely poor eyesight—so who knows what kind of...
  11. Sridhar_Rao

    PHP/MySql on desktops

    I am a total newbie with little knowledge of PHP and SQLs. I am using them on my website. I want to design an application using database (tables), php/htm and MySql that can run on my own desktop. Is this possible, if so, what are the requirements and which are the freewares that are...
  12. Dr.tweaker

    extremely low speeds in bsnl home unlimited 750 plan

    i recently changed my bsnl broadband plan from home 250 to home unlimited 750,but the problem is that speeds have reduced drastically,now downloading speed has become a meagre 15 kbps,i am aware it the bandwith is 256 kbps,but still are these extremely low speeds normal,?i am from kolkata. so...
  13. A

    USB 2.0 support on Old Motherboard...

    Dear Guys, I have an old pc bought in 2005. The config is celeron 1.7 ghz, 512 Mb ram and some mercury motherboard. I don't remember the motherboard specs. The motherboard has built in usb 1.1 (or 1.0?) support. Duw to this my new usb pen drives work extremely slow on this m/c. Is there...
  14. abhi_shake

    Buying a flip or clamshell phone...

    I want to buy a flip or camshell phone. Could u guys recommend one under 15k? it should have a good camera, and maybe a music player. The good camera is important. And please do NOT say motorola Razr.... its extremely common.... let's just say that i want to stand apart from the crowd...
  15. T

    SuperMan comes to GTA - San Andreas.

    Hi Guys. Theres a cool superman mod for GTA SA, tried it , too cool. "You can play as Clark Kent (default) Classic Superman or Superman Returns. 2 New Loading Screens. New Super-Tags! Based off the Super CJ script, You can fly, run extremely fast, swim extremely fast, have super...
  16. godling

    Extremely slow speeds

    * *
  17. P

    Problem: PC Performance down in the dumps after installing Broadband

    hi.. i have an HP Pavillion Pc.. Pentium 4 3.0 GHz.. 512 Mb DDR RAM.. 80 Gig HDD.. Windows Xp Pro.. fully updated.. now the problem is.. i recently started using BSNL Data One Broadband (HUL 900).. Earlier, my pc was working fine enuff.. But now its gone extremely slow.. Hangs often...
  18. B

    Connecting to a friend's PC

    My dad wants some help with his PC (doesn't everyone's?), but he lives 2hrs away and I only see him once every couple of months. Is there any way I can connect to his PC over the internet? I have used VPN to access my PC at work, but that is running Windows Server. Both our home machines...
  19. M

    support for HW T&L

    hey guys, Does Intel GMA900 support HW T&L. If not is there something that can make it support the same. Can bios update fix it. I am able to run FARcry but with extremely low settings, that's fine, but there r no the water is not good at all, also some trees also not seen thanks in advance
  20. A

    Partitions Deleted!!! HELP!!! HELP!!!

    I was reinstalling XP and formatted my C:... The setup deleted all my partitions. I have extremely i portant data on my D: which is now in the unpartitioned space. Can I recover my data as it was? Now I have connected my hdd to another sytem... Pls suggest me some software to recover all...
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