1. N

    Google cast

    I have sony kdl-43 w950c android tv, sony xperia t2 ultra dual, and tata photon max wifi. everything is working fine except google casting. when i press cast icon in my you tube mobile app it keeps on searching for android tv. i couldnt use it. please explain me how to use it. i connected both...
  2. A

    Difference between Cyanogen OS and Cyanogenmod

    Please explain me... I dont know...
  3. icebags

    User bandwidth limit in ddwrt routers

    found this while searching net. going to try it out, but probably those who understand networking scripts, can explain things better (and also on potential risks in generated scripts). expert comments please. How to Set Bandwidth limit to Each Users by WRT Script Generator ? – KcZon.com...
  4. Anorion

    How to explain ethical hacking to your grandmother?

    I explained it in this way, you pay a robber a small amount to repeatedly break into your home, and keep taking countermeasures to make it more and more difficult for the robber but I don't like the analogy so much, and also want to explain the tech bit, as well as the importance of the word...
  5. P


    The question may make you laugh but I need help setting up I have a basic 100 rs to link router that breaks by 25 meters due to our homes big walls so I would like to know a way to set up a Bold connection I heard about parabolic wifi antennas and saw them on eBay can someone explain me what...
  6. 7shivam1

    Somebody Explain this pic !

  7. H

    Layton 7

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvDXoqqHDGE Even Akihiro Hino couldn't explain what this is.
  8. gautam_dey66

    What Is The Difference Between All These Same Model Processor?

    I see a lot of i5-4570 here but I d0n't see i5-4570k, why??? And what is the difference between all these different model of processors of i5-4570??? Somebody please explain me. Thanx. 4th Generation Intel® Core
  9. M

    Graphics For Around Rs 2000

    OK, I know its a pretty tight budget but I have a story: My friend got a really low end PC and is happy with his daily dose of Call Of Duty (1 and 2), Max Payne 2, Grand Theft Auto Vice City etc. Somehow, I was able to explain him that there's more to gaming. So, finally he agreed to buy a...
  10. C

    What does Type jungle mean in PHP ?

    Hello Buddy, Could you explain what is type jungle in PHP ?
  11. C

    What does $message and $$message mean?

    I would like to know the difference between $message and $$message. I am not getting it properly. Hence, explain it with example.
  12. Ashokkumar01cbe

    explain me

    #include<stdio.h> void main() { int c; c=getchar(); while(c!='\n') { putchar(c); c=getchar(); } } please explain me this program it is written in a c book written book of dennis ritchie, when i compile this programs,its getting a string of charecters and after pressing the ENTER...
  13. Ashokkumar01cbe

    "Direct X" ....

    Hey I went to a HP retailer shop, he said that 3rd generation i5 processor having "DIRECT X" support , and which is good for gaming,i don't know what is many by "DIRECT X" please explain me..
  14. Ashokkumar01cbe

    explain the below program.....

    this is a program to add two numbers without using arithmetic operators. I found this program in the web ,but i am unable to understand ,please explain me the 7th and 8th steps ie..how the p and sum values are assigned. #include"stdio.h" #include"conio.h" void main() { int a,b,sum...
  15. CarlonSamuels

    Problem with download speed

    Hey guys i recently got hathway Go 2 Max Plan (2mBps upto 16 GB thereafter 600kbps) can anyone explain why my download speed is 230 kBps Speedtest.net shows download speed 2.07 mbps
  16. Ashokkumar01cbe

    please help to solve this c program based on MACROS

    include"stdio.h" #define prod(x) (x*x) void main() { int i=3,j,k,l; j=prod(i+1); k=prod(i++); l=prod(++i); printf("%d\n%d\n%d",j,k,l); } i got the output in gcc compiler as 7,9,and 49 please explain me how the output will be like this..
  17. R

    Speakers under 3k

    Guys I Have one Situation ....I Dont know i Can Properly Explain or not ...but Let Me try To Explain my situation here.......Actually I Want Speakers for My Bathroom (yeah U Can Laugh Here)...Actually Their Is Space Between Roof And Pop Like U See In the walls and I Want To place The Speaker...
  18. G

    Best Graphics Card in Laptop

    I want to know whether Nvidia Gt420m is better than Nvidia Gt540m or not ? Please explain how ?
  19. samudragupta

    What is partition?

    Hi friends, i have been scratching my head for quite some time over this. Can some one explain to me what is creating partition in windows and what is its use? please explain to me in layman's term.
  20. Niilesh

    [urgent]help me solve class X physics questions

    Hey Can someone solve these question and explain it? I want the answer before 25th(till 24th) I didn't even understand this- A maths one(this one seems impossible) 81. The area of quadrilateral ABCD whose sides are 9 m, 40 m, 28 m and 15 m is (A) 300 m2 (B) 306 m2 (C) 296 m2 (D) none...
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