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  1. S

    need help people.... nexus 5 exe problem..

    i have downloaded couple of exe files from net on my nexus 5 which i intended to use on my computer. when i try to view those files in my mobile they seem to b present. bt when i connect my mobile to computer the files are absent over there in my pc... i cant seem to find those exe files...
  2. clmlbx

    how to export an exe file from qt Creator

    I made an gui programme in Qt (c++) now I want it to export an exe so how can I do it.. I Googled and I found couple of links which were not much clear they all say static linking.. I believe many here have used qt and exported exe (standalone file).. so please guide me thru that process..
  3. anirbandd

    Process file access log s/w

    Hi all!! I want to know if there is any s/w which can what files a process is accessing. to make it clearer, lets say i am running a game exe. i want a s/w, which will log the files which the game exe is accessing during gameplay. Thanks in advance!!
  4. V

    Is pximouse.exe a Virus !!

    I found this exe running in my taskmanger is this exe a virus or windows exe details: C:\Windows\System32\TiltWheelMouse pximouse.exe
  5. Anish

    py to exe converting

    Hi, Its obvious from the topic. I visited the py2exe website and did exactly as it is explained there. when i tried to convert py to exe, it gives error as "module not found : py2exe" please help. Thanks
  6. B

    Output Exe File - Extract it from another Exe

    Hello guys, I want to ask you for a little help. I wand to find out how to make such a executable file (in C++), that if it is run, it will extract another executable Exe e.g to directory C:\\my_extracted_file.exe. And that my_extracted_file.exe should display some MessageBox, if it's run...
  7. kool

    Office 2010 PPT to old OFFICE 2003. How???????

    Hi guys, i've Ofiice 2010 installed on my PC. And i've to make a PPT presentation, but in the college lab there is projector but with old PC which has Office 2003. I've made a ppt with lost of eye catching graphics and stylish fonts. And i know this is not gonna be view in old Office. I've heard...
  8. P

    Visual Studio Help

    hi i want to create application in Visual Studio 2008 the app should be like, there is a drop down menu on the right where there are a list of all the states of india, when selected a particular state, the capital, population etc etc should be displayed on the left side and the created app...
  9. JohnephSi

    exe virus

    hy guys my computer is being infected with exe virus. i ve enclosed a sreen print showing it ...thanks in advance ...plz tell me how to solve this problem
  10. A

    USB PenDrive Problem

    I have 8gb kingston datatraveller 100.It used to work perfectly,but recently i plugged it into my friends computer and copied some files from his pc to my pendrive.when i got home and plugged the pendrive,the files were all some kind of weird format,with a square symbol as filename.I couldnt...
  11. rhitwick

    Dope game

    !!!This is not a spam!!! Well, in my hostel we used to play this game. (http://www.muller.co.il/dopegame/?Action=newgame). Buying and selling of dopes! Its a very addictive game (well, if its dope, it has to be :-P ). At that time it used to be an exe file of 3-4MB. I had that with me but...
  12. Eyes Only

    Virus activity

    How does one spot malicious activity or viruses on your pc? I recently attached a flash drive to my pc and came across the weirdest thing, a folder disguised as a exe file. Obviously when executing the folder you execute the exe file. I found out that it was in actual fact malware...
  13. __Virus__

    BSNL Dataone: Can't download EXEs

    Hello Friends, I can't seem to find my old thread. Off late I noticed I can't download any EXE file, be it of 100 Kb. Initially I thought all the downloads except torrents is a problem, but realized that every and any exe file is a problem. I am able to download zip and rar files at...
  14. demoninside9

    How to make an EXE

    Hi friends, I have made a web application with the help of VS 2005. I used MS access as backend database. Anybody can tell me that how can I make an exe so that anybody can install in their system. If u knw how to so pls reply. I 'll very thankful to u.
  15. H

    windows7 problem

    Hello i want to know how to install windows7 i have downloaded 1.8gb of data and i have extracted that after that it became 20gb but am not getting exe file to install whether it was fake or what plz help me...thanking u Hidayath
  16. A

    AVG antiirus detecting window movie maker as virus

    I have 2.66 Core 2 Duo, 4G RAM, 250 GB Hard Disk. I am using AVG 8 (home edition). It is behaving abnormally and giving false warning like window movie maker is a virus. It has blocked my WMM, control panel exe and explorer exe but virus volt do not have their description. On scanning no virus...
  17. hansraj

    how to find out what an exe is doing!!!!

    hey guys i know that this question may be very simple for those who are into programming or so called "code masters" but i am not one of them. My doubt is we come across many executable files and while running such files we should know what all things are changing in our pc. I just want to know...
  18. C

    virus that hides folders

    i have this strange virus on my pen drive that makes an exe file of every folder and then the folder becomes invisible even though it still exists. i.e. if i enter the correct path,say f:\folder1 in the address bar,that folder1 opens for viewing but in f:\ i can't see that folder...
  19. Ron

    Downloadin only EXE files from a website

    Guys... I need to download around 110 ONLY exe extension files from a web-site......so pls suggest me a good website copier which willl do this work...... thnks in advance Ronak
  20. C

    Exe files opened as PHP files by firefox

    Hi guys, Need some urgent help...i have been using firefox for ages now never had a problem as this.... wenever i try to downlaod any exe file from the net..fire fox save it as a file called download.php(but with the true size) this means that i am able to save the whole file from the net but...
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