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  1. dashang

    Need of MBA for Software engineer

    Hello, Can anyone tell me need of MBA or ways that MBA can open for software engineer. What specialization is good in MBA for software engineer?
  2. cute.bandar

    I Fixed GPS problem in new Phone, not sure why/how it worked though..

    So I got this new phone for myself : ZTE Grand X Quad Lite Price in India - Buy ZTE Grand X Quad Lite Blue 4 Online - ZTE : Flipkart.com - zte grand quad lite Its great in all respects, except the gps was giving me major pain. Just would not connect to any satellite. Had a forever searching...
  3. makwanamilan96

    Information Of Software

    The name of Software : Selenium i want to know what Actually it does. and How it can help me as i am an Engineer. this Software knowledge is required for Q&A engineer.
  4. M

    Engineering Stream Related Queries

    i'm aspiring to be an engineer. but wait ! I have to choose a field first. I Googled for some websites which could tell me that Engineers in _____ Field do _____________ when they go to Jobs. and found very little piece of advice, so, sharing whatever goo i got from Google here. though the main...
  5. ankit.kumar010203

    Is good drawing skill is needed to learn to be a game developer or software engineer?

    I want to know that is good drawing skill is needed to be a game developer or software engineer?:-? ? If we want to make software then? Is software engineers in the world is master in drawing pictures? I want to be a game developer or software engineer so should I go for drawing class first...
  6. Y

    How to use SSH/ SSL encryption, or any kind of encryption?

    I am ECE engineer, I am not an expert in this encryption process. Please help me out..
  7. E

    Becoming a engineer designing, working on mobiles

    hello!!...I am in my 3rd year of electronics and communicatiob engg I want to become a engineer designing, working on mobiles in companies like nokia, samsung , sony, or any mobile company I am very much interested in mobiles and the technologies that sorround them...What education should I...
  8. C

    [Views] Samsung RMA experience (Samsung SA350H monitor))

    Again, this is long overdue. When I bought my PC on 07-Nov-2011, I noticed that the monitor had a thin vertical line of dead pixels running along the left side. I called up Samsung's customer care and "tried troubleshooting." Finally, they agreed to send the engineer for a look, provided I...
  9. chesss

    weird problem, solution etc

    So a neightbour has a problem, his PC starts then stops after a couple of seconds . I opened his case , just looked around couldn't figure out anything. SO the next day he got an engineer to look into it. Now the engineer has identified the problem, but its something I have never heard...
  10. M

    Engineers Ka Dimaag! (Brain of Engineers!)

    Engineers Ka Dimaag! (Brain of Engineers!) :)) If you are/were an Engineer than you know very well what the following means and if you are an aspiring Engineer, than you will know shortly What following Means! :-D Engineers Rockz!!! :-D
  11. N

    Geek-What's Next

    Hi all.i gotta know what can a non engineer (me) do with geekish abilities.i've a knack for computers and tech plus music and guitars.and hopefully be a sound engineer (not diploma one) / musician but i want something more.i've thought to go for doing some java/c#/game programming and also i'd...
  12. n2casey

    Need some help

    I have a Nokia 6300 Phone. Now I m planning to get a new connection which can serve for both, less STD charges and good speed internet connection. So for which plan shud I go???????? Someone told me that Airtel provides a good unlimited Browsing/Downloading internet plan and also low STD...
  13. A

    Pay for a software engineer

    Can anybody tell me How much a fresher Software Engineer earns In US UK and other countries? If we Indian's are underpaid how fair is it that we be proud of our IT industry? Dont you think from cost advantage we should more bank on quality advantage? Today if we can outsourcing contracts...
  14. AshishSharma

    How to use torrent clients on Tata connection

    Just got my Tata Indicom Broadband connection few days back, internet is working file but when I try using Utorrent or Limewire on the machine they are unable to connect to the network as the required ports are blocked I guess from the ISP's end . So I called the Technical Support Engineer and...
  15. linuxman

    Any Malayalees here?

    I am Malayali. Presently working as a software engineer @ Bangalore. Any others from Kerala here? Regards ~LinuxMan~
  16. A

    new laptop for all at rs 1o,oo0

    engineer has made a new laptop for all at Rs 1o,oo0
  17. U

    Help! My system is too slow

    Hai I have a P IV system 2.0 GHz, 128 MB RAM, Mercury Chipset Mother board, 40GB HDD with OS as Windows XP. The problem is the system is too slow and it takes too long to even start a Word or Excel file. Our system engineer suggested to format harddisk and reinstall the OS. Even then the...
  18. S


    I HAVE A P4M266-8233 mobo and 2 slots for ram. i have put a 128 and a 64 mb sdram.can i anyhow put ddr ram into my motherboard.i personally think this is not possible,but my friends engineer says this can be done by upgrading the bios. I AM CONFUSED :?.PLEASE HELP
  19. A

    Amd 64 requires min 1kw

    Hi System which I want to buy: Amd 3400 64 Asus K8N 512mb*2 120sata 17"flat samsung 793mb altec lansing 251(5.1) My comp engineer says that i need min 1kw ups. Is it true?
  20. sachin_kothari

    Create Own Live CD

    I want to make my own Live CD with my own softwares in it. I need to know the steps involved in it to make a bootable Live CD. I am studying as a Computer Engineer, so related software suggestions are also welcome.
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