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Age of empires 3 runs fine without graphics card

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Dear friends,
I have an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ socket 754(bad performer) processor. motherboard is Asus K8V-MX with 32 mb onboard graphics memory with Asus K8M800 chipset and 256 MB of ram. speed is very slow but Microsoft Age of Empires 3 runs smoothly without any glitches and without GRAPHICS CARD !!!. i am wondering about this. has anyone got the same configuration.
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Yes, I have P4 with Intel D865G motherboard with 32 mb if updated its 96 mb but i have 1 GB DDR Ram . And the game run smoothly if i don't do ship wars in it


it may run ...but u may not be getting that real life water effect and greenery

just chk out dat game in other pc with grafix card and u will see da difference
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