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Age of Empires 2 : The conquerors expansion

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I have purchased age of empires collector's edition, and installed aoe2 conquerors expansion. The problem is when i start the game and click on the single player, it prompts to insert the game cd even after i kept the cd in the drive. please help me.


papai_mcc said:
crack the game
Nice hint. Now you watch out for the mods lol.

@shashank - How much did you pay to "purchase" the game? No use placing pirated cd in drive. Look elsewhere is all I can tell you. This is digit, where it's hip2buy genuine.


The pWnster
one of these must be true
1)The cd is a pirated uncracked one
2)You have a problem with ur original cd or ur drive
3)U r placing the cd upside down
4)MS bug


Right off the assembly line
hey the same thing happened to me but after i reinstalled the game i was able to play plz try reinstallation
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