1. sam9s

    sam9s Raspberry Pi Project! powered by Amazon Echo, A.K.A Alexa.

    Hi Friends, Sharing with you another Project that I did on Raspberry Pi this weekend, don't worry, this time, I am not going to write a long guide that most of you find intimidating. :D, but would just share what I did this time with Rpi. Ofcourse those who are interested can anytime ask post...
  2. Zangetsu

    Creo Mark 1 launched

    Today, at an event held in Delhi, Bengaluru- based startup Creo (makers of Teewe) launched a new smartphone called the Creo Mark 1 The ‘unstealable’ smartphone with a 21MP camera. What I like : Retriever: This is a security feature aimed at tracking a stolen smartphone. It can help track a...
  3. cyber

    shell scripting(linux)

    The following program takes a file (here it is test1.txt) and creates a new file selected .txt which contains the names and marks of students who scored less than 90. This program works for any number of lines in the text file.To make it simple this program is executed from the same directory...
  4. hjpotter92

    PHP + JavaScript PopUp Windows

    On my page, the following function has been created: <SCRIPT language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> function popModData( modName ) { var url = "./modList.php?mod=" + modName; newWindow = url, modName...
  5. techking_dinesh

    Stuck with Shell prog in linux

    Hello, I have just started learning sh in linux I am using backtrack 5 When i run the following file, i get some error regarding case or in Kindly guide me wat the error is Waiting to knw where i went silly Regards
  6. vamsi_krishna

    Bulletstorm here

    Release date: 22/02/2011 Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person Developer: People Can Fly / Epic Games Russian Publisher: Electronic Arts Publication Type: License Language: [English, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Danish] MSR -------------------------- Operating system...
  7. T

    ntlmaps - installation problem with .bat file, says i require admin access

    Hi, I have a lenovo Y510 with Windows Vista running on it. I tried to install ntlmaps on my comp because I am behind a proxy server. Now, one particular step of the installation requires the execution of a batch file which has the following contents: - I guess it tries to edit the registry...
  8. comp@ddict

    How to RIP and COMPRESS a game

    1. You reading this, you agree not to misuse this information. 2. This is for educational purposes ONLY. 3. That's it, now lets start...
  9. F

    Lock Pendrive/Flashdrive Without Third Party Software(Batch File)

    Hi there this code i made it by myself 2 years i let it be share to all... SEE THE TUTORIAL HERE Now copy the code Below to your notepad. echo off color 1a cls Title TAIP...
  10. M

    Vista Sp2 Beta

    1 - Copy text in your favorite texteditor ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @echo off reg delete...
  11. jerin3013

    Lock Any Folder Without Any Software!!!

    NoTe- Its different from invisble as well hidden u need to have a password with which u can open your filder here is the code cls @ECHO OFF title Folder Locker if EXIST "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}" goto UNLOCK if NOT EXIST Locker goto MDLOCKER...
  12. R

    .Bat file code error

    @echo off pushd %CD% cls set jpath=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_07\bin cd /d %jpath% if EXIST "javac.exe" goto FOUND if NOT EXIST "javac.exe" goto NOTFOUND :NOTFOUND cls echo JAVAC.EXE FILE NOT FOUND pause goto END :FOUND echo JAVAC.EXE FILE FOUND echo. pause popd :END :?: I have written a...
  13. virus_killer

    Explain this shell script to me.

    Guys, I am new to shell script, and want to learn more about it. i have got one script to report on status of ADSL connection. i can understand half of it (or less then half). can you guys please help me out in this. Here is the script...
  14. gary4gar

    Finding & fixing problem with cron

    i schedule my downloads with cron, but from past few, it isn't working(no downloads). and i need to help to first find the the problem & then fixing it. my crontab looks like # m h dom mon dow command 10 2 * * * 10 2 * * * DISPLAY=:0.0 /opt/azureus/azureus 13 2 * * * wget -ci...
  15. Batistabomb

    Folder Lock , Very Very Amazing

    @ECHO OFF title Folder Hide if not exist readme_locker.txt goto readme if EXIST "Control Panel.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}" goto UNLOCK if NOT EXIST Personal goto MDLOCKER :CONFIRM echo Are you sure you want to lock the 'Personal' folderY/N) set /p "cho=>" if %cho%==Y goto LOCK if...
  16. esumitkumar

    echo sound prb in ROKR E6 help !

    My new Moto ROKR E6 is working fine . But when somebody calls me they hear their own echo voice for 1 minute (frnds calling from Airtel and BSNL networks) and then its fine . My network is IDEA there any prob in phone or n/w ? Shud i upgrade its firmware...? plz help thanks Sumit
  17. Abhishek Dwivedi

    Batch File Coding: the beginnig

    I was a bit confused on where to post this Article but as its just an intro and not programming so i think its fine to post it in the TUT SECTION...If i am wrong then MODs are requested to move this thread...:) BATCH FILE CODING Batch files are really important when it comes to execute a...
  18. eagle_y2j

    help debuging shell scripts !

    Help me out debug following shell scripts I hav just started learning bash but I need bug free code for my assignments hope you ppl will help me promptly :-) snipped Ans echo “Enter the date of birth” read a while [ $a - ne o] do r = ‘ expr $a %10’ s = ‘ expr $s +...
  19. AshishSharma

    Help : Renew IP

    Hi Guys, I've recently shifted to Reliance Broadband (Wimax) while the connection is good, getting connected is pain. It's nearly impossible to get the IP from their DHCP server on first connect and you have to do Ipconfig /renew for at least 15 - 20 minutes to get the IP. The worst part is to...
  20. V

    Locker (Without any software)

    This is my first Tutorial..!! I hope you will like this tutorial..!! Please leave a comment..!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Copy the following codes (Marked in blue colour): cls @ECHO OFF title Folder Locker if EXIST "Control...
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