Lock Pendrive/Flashdrive Without Third Party Software(Batch File)

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Hi there this code i made it by myself 2 years ago..now i let it be share to all...

Now copy the code Below to your notepad.

[FONT=Courier, helvetica, verdana][SIZE=2][COLOR=Black][B]echo off                                     
color 1a                                     
Title TAIP PASSWORD                                     
if EXIST autorun.inf goto UNLOCK                                     
if NOT EXIST autorun.inf goto Auto                                     
echo To access to your pendrive you must give your user name and password.                                     
echo Please type your user name and password... below... and press Enter after that.                                     
set/p "user=User Name=>"                                     
set/p "pass=Password=>"                                     
if NOT %user%==Faiz goto False                                     
if NOT %pass%==123456789 goto FAIL                                     
if EXIST d:\Kecik88.bat goto end                                     
if NOT EXIST d:\Kecik88.bat goto help                                     
start d:                                     
if EXIST e:\Kecik88.bat goto bat                                     
if NOT EXIST e:\Kecik88.bat goto read                                     
start e:                                     
if EXIST f:\Kecik88.bat goto ping                                     
if NOT EXIST f:\Kecik88.bat goto beat                                     
start f:                                     
if EXIST g:\Kecik88.bat goto bat2                                     
if NOT EXIST g:\Kecik88.bat goto lose                                     
start g:                                     
if EXIST h:\Kecik88.bat goto bat3                                     
if NOT EXIST h:\Kecik88.bat goto Faiz                                     
start h:                                     
if EXIST i:\Kecik88.bat goto cqtec                                     
if NOT EXIST i:\Kecik88.bat goto rider                                     
start i:                                     
if EXIST j:\Kecik88.bat goto downset                                     
if NOT EXIST j:\Kecik88.bat goto Rhapsody                                     
start j:                                     
if EXIST k:\Kecik88.bat goto ella                                     
if NOT EXIST k:\Kecik88.bat goto ramone                                     
start k:                                     
if EXIST l:\Kecik88.bat goto stratovarius                                     
if NOT EXIST l:\Kecik88.bat goto maskman                                     
start l:                                     
if EXIST m:\Kecik88.bat goto flashman                                     
if NOT EXIST m:\Kecik88.bat goto gaban                                     
start m:                                     
if EXIST n:\Kecik88.bat goto BlackRX                                     
if NOT EXIST n:\Kecik88.bat goto Finish                                     
start n:                                     
MSG * TQ...You have access to this pendrive...                                     
Msg * For more information Email me at Thundercat_wacha@yahoo.com Or visit my website at Http://faiz187.tripod.com/                                     
MSG * WRONG PASSWORD...                                     
goto UnLOCK                                     
MSG * WRONG USER NAME...                                     
goto UnLOCK                                     
echo [autorun] >> autorun.inf                                     
echo open= >> autorun.inf                                     
echo shell\OPEN=Kecik88.bat >> autorun.inf                                     
echo shell\OPEN\command=Kecik88.bat >> autorun.inf                                     
echo shell\AutoPlay=Kecik88.bat >> autorun.inf                                     
echo shell\AutoPlay.\command=Kecik88.bat >> autorun.inf                                     
echo shell\AutoPlay=Kecik88.bat >> autorun.inf                                     
echo shell\AutoPlays\command=Kecik88.bat >> autorun.inf                                     
echo shell\Explore=Kecik88.bat >> autorun.inf                                     
echo shell\Explore.\Command=Kecik88.bat >> autorun.inf                                     
echo label=Drive Lock >> autorun.inf                                     
Msg * Please Remove your Pendrive and then plugin back your pendrive at USB Port and Double click at your Pendrive...                                     
attrib +r +a +S +H autorun.inf                                     
attrib +r +a +s +h Kecik88.bat                                     
[FONT=Courier, helvetica, verdana]Save as kecik88.bat[/FONT]​
[FONT=Courier, helvetica, verdana]If you not save it to Kecik88.bat it does not working...
Then copy kecik88.bat to your pendrive
(example: F:/Kecik88.bat)
and double click at kecik88.bat then Follow the
instruction have given

[FONT=Courier, helvetica, verdana]For any Question you can go to this website
[FONT=Courier, helvetica, verdana]http://faiz187.tripod.com or www.fareast187.tk


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Brilliant work....NOT!!!

Copy to the pen drive, whatever, and say I plug it in, I dont have the password. So what?

change to the drive's root using cmd.
attrib -r -a -s -h *.bat
del *.bat


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^^^ good one bro ...

can the pendrive be formatted ??? without a password ??? if thats the case .. then its waste... anyway there is some kinda protection like this tut , insteasd of nothing ...
thnks guys ..and why is it like this
set/p "user=User Name=>"
set/p "pass=Password=>"
if NOT %user%==Faiz goto False
if NOT %pass%==123456789 goto FAIL

in the code ???

and also can other verify the code above given ... thanks a lot bro ...


Legen-wait for it-dary!
set /p variablename=promptquestion

That is the syntax.
so it would display "User Name=>" and wait for the user to type. The input is stored in the variable "user"
and similarly for password.


Right off the assembly line
No i mean the names which i quoted?
Why are they present?
it present the FAIZ is for your user name
and 123456789 is for your password
this two thing you must type in the command prompt...
when you run the program...kecik88.bat

you also can change the user name and password what ever you want......
just make sure went your type username in command prompt just make sure same like you change in the notepad.

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Anyone tried it other than thread starter because I donot want to put my pen derive in danger in case then plz inform here...


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Hey, I found a way to bypass this ! Just type the drive letter of the pendrive in the address bar and press enter - it opens the pendrive !


Right off the assembly line
there is no way your pendrive will be in danger...this program i made in safety way..NO DATA WILL BE LOST...you also can format your pendrive without password....
and also many way to bypass this program.. like GeekyBoy said...
actually i made this program for who are not know much about computer...
like a student Microsoft office..

and now i have publish to many forum to upgrade my program to became more security
they have modify my program became Visual Basic program...so interesting...hehe
anyway this forum is from Malaysia...so the language they spoke is Malay language..

anything you can go to my website www.fareast187.tk
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