1. Flash

    Ark: Survival Evolved

    FW9vsrPWujI Indie developer Studio Wildcard is promising all that and more with its new project, Ark: Survival Evolved, which the company bills as an "open-world dinosaur survival game." Studio Wildcard is developing Ark in Unreal Engine 4 for Linux, Mac, PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox...
  2. clmlbx

    25K update

    Hi guys I need to upate my computer. I can spend 25K for now. Will be buying products ASAP. might buy tomorrow or as early as possible. Need just processor,motherboard,Ram, Hard-disk (if possible). looking for only Intel processor. hopefully I5 4th Generation with 8GB of Ram
  3. srkmish

    The Minimalist Thread

    I may not get many responses here. But im interested to see who will join in an "indian" minimalist thread. Lately, i have become very inspired by the strategies mentioned in Early Retirement Extreme: — a combination of simple living, anticonsumerism, DIY ethics, self-reliance, and applied...
  4. S

    LED TV under Rs 45k?

    I want to buy an LED TV under Rs 45K. My selection criteria: 1. after sales service should be good 2. picture quality good. 3. Bigger the size of tv, the better. 4. I don't wan't 3D or Smart tv. Can someone please suggest the best choice I should go for? Would really appreciate an early response.
  5. Ironman

    4770k or take a 3770k right now ?

    Should i wait for 4770k or take a 3770k right now ? A Taste Of Things To Come considering in india things launch here late premium prices for early adopters SO Please help me decide:evil:
  6. S

    Macbook pro early 2011 RAM upgrade

    One of my friend has Macbook pro early 2011 specs i5 2415m 2x2GB DDR3 320GB HDD Apple officially supports 8GB RAM and intel website also shows that max RAM supported by i5 2415 is 8GB. But, some people have mentioned that it is capable of supporting upto 8GB...
  7. T

    Inviting Stll More Opinions on Panasonic FZ47 (or) Canon SX240 Hs

    Hi frenzz, I am need some more opinions from photography enthusiasts.. I am going to purchase my first camera... my budget now 16,000 .. I narrowed to Canon SX240Hs and Panny FZ47..(ebay offering both at 16k).. I impressed by FZ47 due to EVF and spec(2.8 aperture,25mm wide and its...
  8. rider

    Bicycle for Enjoying and Work Out

    Hello, friends I'm a 6 feet tall young adult and I need a bicycle to enjoy riding in the early mornings. My preference is Hero or atlas bike. Budget is less than 10k. http://www.herocycles.com/boyz.php
  9. H

    Galaxy s3 release June?

    Hi now that we are all but sure that teh s3 will be unveiled on may 3rd can anyone estimate when will it actually hit the stores some reports are saying that it might be early june what do you guys think ??
  10. R

    iPad 3 rumours: coming this March

    The iPad 3 release date looks set for Spring 2012, with Citi analyst Richard Gardner even predicting it could be as early as February. However, we'd expect the iPad 3 announcement to be in February, with the iPad 3 US release date in early March and the iPad 3 UK release date in late March...
  11. sparx

    The Windows 8 discussion thread

    It may be too early to start a discussion thread for Windows 8, but currently we can do with the latest news and rumors that can be published here. Later when the early builds are available for evaluation, information about those can be discussed here. Eventually evaluation of the final builds...
  12. M

    mobile Skype suggestion

    Hi, I am looking for a mobile to buy but my basic need is that the mobile should support skype and wifi that's it. I have to buy mobile as early as possible so kindly suggest some good mobiles for me if possible. Thanks in advance.
  13. vamsi_krishna

    Amazing World Statistics

    No matter what is the field, Information is the power. Head to the following website and know the true stats of the countries compare their current position, compare their path of development, etc. The depth is impracticable here.. The name of the website is... www.gapminder.org You can...
  14. vamsi_krishna

    Please help....Dear OverColckers

    adios, I've recnetly brought intel dg45id mobo with core 2 quad q8200. The problem is i want to overclock it. But the mobo hasn't got the option to do so. What would be next possible solution. Execpt changing the mobo:-D. Awating for your early reply.
  15. Gursimran

    Dell Studio 14 or 15?

    Hello, Whats the difference Dell Studio 14 or 15? Dell India site have better reviews for studio 14 than 15 They say studio 15 heat up early? Is it true guys? Thanks in advance.
  16. comp@ddict

    HAPPY HOLI to ALL - - What's the plan?

    I know 'm a bit early, but still. HAPPY HOLI everyone. So what's you plans for this holi?
  17. G

    Digit 2008 Shock

    Today I shocked to by receiving Digit Jan 2009 Mag. 10 Days early, in past 6 years
  18. gaurav_indian

    A Letter from Management to Staff !!!

    A Letter from Management to Staff !!!
  19. S

    Intel's 'Nehalem' To Launch Sooner (September 2008)

  20. AquaWolf

    Fable 2

    Hey everyone, just thought I'd post this for anyone who hasn't seen the early production Fable 2 screenshots :) http://www.lionhead.com/fable2/screenshots.html perrrty.
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